Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fitness Friday-serving size

Its a miracle that I am writing a Fitness post and on a Friday...especially as this was our 2nd day back to school. School thus far has been fantastic.

Little Man can't wait to see his teacher each day and even though he has had an accident in nap time both days I think he is loving school. He is exhausted every day and when I asked him what he learned today he said " Jesus died on the cross and my teacher says say Thank You". Good life lessons.

Ribbit has told just about everyone that she is in the 'older kindergarten'...and you know if that is what she says to get through this year of repeating kindergarten then thats fine with us. She did say that she was embarrassed to be the oldest but her big brother reminded her quickly that she will be the first one in her class to drive a car...that cheered her up!

Goober LOOOVVVVEESSS 5th grade. On his first day he ran into my class after school and said " I wish 5th grade could last forever, I love my teachers and I get to do some of my HW on the computer"!!! Today he started violin lessons again...after taking lessons in 2nd grade. He was thrilled to see that a lot of his boy buds are also taking strings this year so life is good as far as he is concerned.

I HAVE AN AWESOME SCHEDULE and am free to eat lunch with all 3 of my kiddos most day..SCORE. I am volunteering to serve hot lunch for Goober's grade every Friday (something normally only stay at home moms get to do) and I have an art class first thing on Friday morning......WHAT? I have never ever taught art until noon at the earliest...I won't know what to do with students who are bright eyed and bushy tailed :).

So now onto Fitness Friday.

One of my biggest changes to my diet was SERVING SIZE. You can think in your head all day long that trail mix is healthy but little do you know that you are eating 4 servings of it in that one bag you bought at the gas station. You can tell yourself that one store bought pre made smoothie is healthy until you realize there are two servings in it and tons of unnecessary sugar.

I also heard that on Weight Watchers most fruits and veggies don't equal any points. I get the point of that with spinach/ onions/ tomatoes and other veggies that aren't too high in calories and/or sugar. BUT fruit should definitely be counted into your calories and/or points for the day. Bananas are very high calorie and berries are very high sugar.

To help measure and portion everything just right I got some tools for the kitchen. First is this measuring cup scale. You can weigh food using grams or ounces. I use this mainly for meats and or seafood. Its super quick and I throw it in the dishwasher afterwards.

Here is a sideview of the measuring cup scale I use. I also keep tons of measuring cups and spoons on hand. I have 3 different kinds of measuring cups and several tbsp and tsp measuring spoons.

I think I have said before that I have about 15-20 low calorie, tasty, high protein, good fiber, low sodium foods that I know I can count on and I cycle through those for my main meals. I do snacks a little differently using my favorite fruits or crackers and just eating smaller servings of them. For my meals though I WILL MEASURE EVERY TIME. I don't care if its the 3500 time I have had a chicken breast that month I will still measure out 4 ounces. I measure any cereal, any coconut milk, trail mixes...basically anything that doesn't come prepackaged as one serving. This has helped me learn what a healthy serving looks like and helps me to continually count my calories. 

Here is one example of logging my calories every day every measuring out food. I had exercised a ton that day..running 5 miles that morning and going to a Zumba class that night. A normal day of exercise though looks like burning around 500 cals. Anyways, you can see my dinner was very lean that day...Tofu noodles, 1/2 cup of peas and carrots and 3/4 cup of Light Alfredo sauce.
If you are worried about my low cal diet just look below it...I ate 462 in snacks ..mainly a protein bar and almonds that day..high PROTEIN AND HIGH CALORIE!!!

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