Saturday, August 8, 2015

24 hours in a day

There are only 24 hours in a day and during inservice week that does not seem to be enough.

Add in a birthday, nursery paintings for Mr. Kamden who is due Sept. 1st,  an ER visit (everyone is fine) and a visit from your high school BFF and you have yourself one crazy week.

Adam has been working 80 plus hours and tonight he and the kids are camping out at the school as the elevator is being put in...what a good guy.

Blogging has definitely taken a back burner, but I still want to note some fun times from our FUN SUMMER!!

My super sweet hubby made sure my 31st birthday and our 8th anniversary was special. He surprised me several times throughout the week.

My first surprise was being whisked away for an overnight stay at the NYLO hotel in Irving. Irving is a cute little town around 30 minutes away, really just on the other side of the DFW airport.

The hotel lounge was so modern. 

Check out our loft style room. We loved every party of it except the very open bathroom which left very little room for anything private!

Me and my groom of 8 years now!

We had dinner at La Madeline and I had just been told by a girlfriend to try the tomato soup and spinach did not dissapoint!

After dinner we lounged out by the pool, listened to a cover band and talked about our goals for the next school year, our strengths and weaknesses as parents and our goals for our family in the immediate future. 

The weight room was stocked!!! However, Irving is so cute that I walked about 3 miles that morning outside and then went back and lifted weights for about 20 minutes. 

Hanging out in a bubble chair in the lobby.

Later on that day my mom and I were treated to facials, massages and scrubs as a late mothers day, happy birthday present!

Little did I know that while I was at the spa Adam had planned a surprise party for me at our home. 

He did a great job keeping it a secret, I was clueless. The key was not telling our kids :). He even ordered my favorite food from a local Mediterranean Cafe and Tiramisu from Johnny fav!!!

Some of my teaching friends and students. I am so blessed to have sweet sisters that I get to work with every day!

Some of my precious Sunday School class...they helped Adam plan and since I run with 3 of them  daily, they had worked hard on not ruining the surprise!

My present from my parents was in door skydiving experience for Adam and I. I ended up doing  the high fly and had the time of my life. Definitely not what I expected but such an adrenaline rush!

We looked a little different after our two flights. We were so sore the next day from holding certain positions while the air pushed against us at great speeds.

Thursday starts a new school year and just like every school year I find myself humming "Back to life, Back to reality" over and over and over....

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