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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Teachers Kids

I recently read a Facebook article that was titled "10 ways of knowing you grew up with a mom as a teacher". Not all of those apply to my children but only because my children's list would be titled..

"10 super awful/neat things that happen when both of your parents work at your super small school"

1-Your parents know that you have failed a test before you do.
Poor Goober, he can already tell by the look on my face when he walks in my classroom door whether or not he aced or bombed his latest scripture quiz/ latin quiz/ reading quiz. Most of the time he has done well but there are some doozies mixed in.

2-Your coaches/ teachers know that sending you to your parents is a worse punishment than what they could hand out.
Its true, sometimes my kiddos teachers or coaches have just simply emailed us or told us about their behavior instead of giving them a cougar alert or mark. They know that our discipline will handle the behavior far better than any thing they could take away or any scolding they could give. I'm behind them 100%.

3-All of your uniform shirts have at least 5 other kids name in sharpie written on the tags and then scratched out.
All of my kids get hand me down clothes from my students. I think I have stepped foot into our uniform store once and that caused such a panic attack that I ran out and went straight to Braums for some ice cream therapy. We are quite happy with our hand me down uniforms, we spiff them things up with new shoes and backpacks.

4-They think they are legendary.
I guess its pretty cool to walk through campus and have senior girls yell your name and give you hugs....or when you are invited out onto the field to be the top of the cheerleader pyramid. Its even more stellar when the head football coach offers you advice and actually gives you an official CCA spirit wear shirt.

5-Your parents have embarrassed you in every possible way.
Sometimes kisses don't get handed out until the school bell has rung and since there is just no good reason to not give kisses they happen in front of all of your friends. Adam and I have danced in front our kids friends, we have dressed in ninja turtle pjs in front of our kids friends and WAIT FOR IT, we are the Masters of Ceremonies at this week's coming up Pep Rally...our poor children don't even know what kind of cheese we have planned for that solid hour with a microphone and spotlight!!

6-You know where all of the secret places are at school.
Goober can flip any breaker, find any power tool, get a hold of wasp spray or a new packet of paper towels at any given moment. His daddy is the master of keys here and I'm pretty sure he has been in every nook and cranny. He has been on top of the roof with Adam, he has scraped up tile with Adam, he has used the big digger to move playground sand....HECK, all of my children have stayed the night on CCA campus before, camping out in a classroom while the elevator was being installed.

7-You feel as if you have 50 moms.
Adam and I are not the kind of parents who get offended if you discipline our children, even in front of us, ..its truly takes a village. Therefore, Baby Boy gets told several times a day to "chill pill"...a phrase that most teachers know I say constantly to my two youngest to get them to calm it down. Ribbit is told " I know that your mommy would not want you to talk in a Baby voice" by every teacher she tries it on. Goober gets reminded that "I know how your mom and dad expect you to behave" daily and I LOVE THAT. There are eyes on them at all times and in the same token there is ALWAYS someone to love, hug, kiss and squeeze my kids.

8-You have never once sat with your parents at a sporting event.
Its true. They know everyone; teachers, parents, students and they know that they can roam and sit and probably bum a meal off of each one of them. They know if they sit with us they will be expected to ACTUALLY WATCH the game....but if they sit with one of my students they may get some screen time by playing on their cell phone. They know another parent or teacher will give them horsey rides, tickle them until they drool or encourage them to yell cheers. Or, if sports are just not your thing, like Ribbit, then you know you can sit and color during the entire volleyball game in your mommies classroom.

9-You go to school 7 days a week.
We noted this summer that there was rarely a day when we weren't at school..except for our time in Alabama. We would go up to see Daddy, to workout, to play basketball in the air condition, to paint, to watch movies on momma's BIG SCREEN SMARTBOARD!! And now that school has started we come up here on the weekends..sometimes for sporting events, sometimes to play on the playground, we walk the campus, ride our bikes up here, grab things we forgot, etc. Its not uncommon for our two littles to ask at the breakfast table " when are we going to school today?"...not IF, but WHEN!

10-You attend 500 birthday parties, graduation parties, retirement parties, weddings, going away parties, college signings, NJHS service opportunities, student council movie nights, auctions, etc.
My family is invited to several things a weekend since we literally cover every grade from PK3-Senior. I LOVE THAT WE HAVE A COVENANT FAMILY but I think sometimes our kids have no clue what a weekend really looks likes :). We are careful to not over plan but then again we love to celebrate with others and we love to have them celebrate with us too. The thing about small schools is that birthday parties normally include the whole grade, and then if you have a sibling well then just bring them all along!!!!

Using up our waterpark passes before Labor Day. 

5th grade orientation. I was not supposed to be there, but I am teacher so I break RULES!!

She came with me to Zumba and instead of dancing she colored a picture to match the ottoman. I think we may have a future art teacher on our hands!

Bambi paitings for my cousins's son..coming in September. I have more to do but this was the first completed batch.

I was quite proud of this run. 7 miles in 61 minutes. The trail was a little to claustrophobic for me and I kept seeing people carrying large sticks but not using them as walking that scared me. I was with friends but we all have different paces and were at different parts of the train. I also ate about 5 bugs and spit out another this will probably be my first and last run at the Trinity River. 

Circus time. A sweet covenant family gave us tickets! The kids loved it!

I worked in kindergarten one Sunday at church and Ribbit was chosen to be the greedy giver in the play that week about tithing. 

Its pottery time in ART CLASS!!!!

As if he wasn't cute enough. His hair has a mind of its own!

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