Saturday, August 22, 2015

Peach Pickin-Our favorites

Our new favorite homemade ice cream....TOASTED MARSHMALLOW!!

1-Toast marshmallows on a pan in the oven or you can do it red neck style and use a lighter to torch each one of them suckers. I'll let you decide which method I chose.

2-Put them in a pot and cover with milk. I used two bags of marshmallows and 2 cups of milk but in the end I should have used even more milk!

3-When all of the marshmallows have melted pour it into a glass bowl to go into the freezer.
 3-When its frozen ..and it freezes more like soft serve to where you can get a good scoop quite can do all kinds of things to finish it off. We poured some hershey's syrup on top and ate it in between two graham crackers like a SMORE :).

Or cover it in graham crackers and chocolate syrup!

Mommy's new favorite paint party helper. 

She was obviously thrilled to follow the step I am teaching  in the background. She really was a big help and had great behavior!

I so loved leading women through a painting. Some of them had never stepped foot inside of a church and didn't feel threatened to come in and paint..I think they had a lot fun and each one created a unique and beautiful paintings!
 Momma's new favorite running accessory-MY HELLO KITTY NECK BAND.

When I look at this picture I think to myself "Bless her heart"...this was around 5:45 in the morning, after a 5 mile run. I took this and sent it to my best friend Virg in Alabama so that she could see the neck band and make fun of it with me. I used to think that only "older and wiser" runners wore these neck bands to cool themselves off but I wore it once and was hooked. It really does work, even if all it does is lower my body temperature at the beginning of the run (which for me is always the hardest, I hit my stride in mile 2 which is normally by best pace).

My new favorite running day. DUH, Saturday. My running group starts later, at 6:30, on Saturdays and we run around
 parks. This was August 1st, last Saturday we upped it to 7 miles and ran in Arlington along a river. Today we ran 9.5 miles and included Chisholm park in our run. Our goal is to increase 3 weeks in a row and then cut back until we hit around 15 miles. We are all working on pace and endurance...the heat makes it harder...BRING ON THE FALL WEATHER!!
 My new favorite morning smoothie!! Spinach + Frozen Banana + Strawberry Mango Spark + Ice and water......YUMMY!
Goober's new favorite way to spend his birthday money!!!--FITNESS ACCESSORIES!!

He got tons of money and gift cards for his birthday and so far he has spent it all on 3 things.
1-These really cool Reebok shoes, they are both cougar and Auburn colors and they have a strap in the back that should allow for some growth!
2-A pedometer, he loves it when he hits 10,000 steps in a day like his momma :).
3-A watch with a compass and GPS.

I'm not a fan of him growing up and not spending money on toys....Don't get me wrong, I don't miss picking up lots of little toys but I'm expecting to wake up and find that he has a mustache or arm pit hair any day now!!

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