Wednesday, August 19, 2015

God was showing off today.

Today was one of those days where God just showed up and showed off. In very small ways but in ways that reminded me that He cares about the details in my life, that he cares about little ole me.

My fitbit recently died and I used it to track my exercise that I can't track with my run keeper app...such as zumba, stairs and weight lifting circuits. I wrote on Facebook to ask others what they thought about different activity trackers such as FitBit, Garmin and Polar. I was reading everything I could about each tracker and went to Dick's this weekend to try them all on. I finally decided that whatever came on sale next would be the one I got because my head was spinning from all of the information I had heard. Today at lunch one of my sweet sweet art students that I have had for the last 5 years walked in with a gift bag. She handed it to me and when I read the card I teared up. It said " Mrs. Harvell, you have been "running" through my mind lately and I wanted to get you this. Inside was a FitBit Zip. She was so thoughtful and it brought tears to my eyes as I showed her that I just had sent in her college rec letter and that I wanted her to know how easy it was to go on and on about her character and love for the Lord.

Kid Zumba

Some of my Zumba buds and I showed up in matching gear one night!

More kid zumba!

Another blessing came in the form of another CCA mom speaking truth and hope into my little Ribbit. She has been down lately saying things like " I am embarrassed to be the oldest one in kindergarten". Well today at lunch she sat with one of her friends and that friends mom, who we have known for a couple of years now. Ribbit told that mom that she didn't belong in her class and she pointed over to first grade and said she belonged with them. That mom quickly told Ribbit how God had big plans for her in kindergarten and that maybe God needed her to stay in kinder one more year so that her very own daughter could have a sweet best friend. She reminded her that God needs her to be a leader or a helper and He loves her. She said after that Ribbit was attached to her hip....I BET SHE WAS. Sometimes it takes someone else to repeat what your parents have said for it to click. We need this VILLAGE of CCA to help us raise our kids and reiterate the truth over and over again.

I could have cried at any given moment today. After both of these scenarios and writing 3 college rec letters for kiddos that I sure will miss I was just praising God for showing off in our lives.

These are the kiddos of the sweet mom who spoke into Ribbit today. Ribbit was in kinder last year with Creighton, the boy and this year with his little sister, Harper!

Mr. Man is following in his momma's foot steps He used his birthday money to buy a pedometer and new running shoes!

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