Friday, February 27, 2015

Snowy Birthdays

Well the snow came and went this year. It was actually ice, not the fun stuff. Regardless we got 2 snow days and a delayed start day out of it and they couldn't have happened at a better time. To give you an idea of just how "hot natured" our children actually are on one of the snow nights we found Ribbit zonked out in her bed, completely naked except for a scarf neatly wrapped around her neck. I can't believe our laughter didn't wake her up.
Celebrating our day off with silly face breakfast tacos
I was able to get a ton of work done on the sets for our school musical this year, Sound of Music. I had student help on Saturday, and Adam helped me on Monday and Tuesday

One of my sweetest, hard working students!
Arches for the abbey.
The kids were able to utilize momma's smartboard in her classroom and were treated as VIP  members at their own private movie theater..complete with snacks:).

A little painting action
We also got a chance to do some cookie baking, dough licking, icing and sprinkle decorating. Total we consumed at least 2 lbs of sugar.

The "snow" did put a damper on our workout routine, although we did get up super early on Tuesday and get in an hour at the weight room. However, there were 2 days where I carved out an hour to do some bodyweight circuits. I had the cutest little workout buddies. Baby Boy and Ribbit love "working out" with mommy. Ribbit does her best to do exactly what I do and has a focused look on her face the whole time. Baby Boy tries, rolls around, jumps around and gets as close as possible to me so we can mix sweat. Ribbit declared that burpees are her favorite exercise because she can jump up and then jump down and be a frog. She didn't like sit ups and said "tttthhiiisss  iiissss  toooo haaarrddd mommy" as she finally rolled over on her side in order to sit up. They both loved tricep bends and called them flying birdies. One day as we got ready to eat lunch after our workout she said "so how many calories was that workout?...whew, I am tired".

Queen Elsa made several appearances while we were FROZEN in.

Don't mess with Batman!
The kids did find a way to "play" in the snow. Adam braved the winter storm and took them back up to the school (we should probably just move in) and they went down the hills several times. Our neighbor even broke out her skies and they had a fun time watching her.
We got a lot of play time in, dress up time, movie time, lots of crockpot soups and hot chocolate and even some good ole quiet reading time!

Tuesday was Baby Boy's 3rd birthday. 3 YEARS OLD. Holy cow, where did the time go? I was smitten that I got to spend his birthday with him, that hardly ever happens since it is during the school year.
He chose donuts for his birthday breakfast and off we went,  braving the ice and snow...or rain and mud to find them. Dunkin Donuts was closed..which I thought was quite we found a local bakery that was open and it was even better than we imagined. They had something for each kid...Ninja Turtles for Baby Boy, Hello Kitty for Ribbit and Pigs in a Blanket for Goober. Mom and Dad both got our favorite, BLUEBERRY CAKE....heavenly blue dough!!

Goober, Baby Boy and Eric owned the play area :)

Emily and Baby Boy! Happy 15th and 3rd!
Baby Boy chose Chick Fil A for lunch, which was another big shocker :), and off we went. Our good friends were also celebrating Emily's 15th birthday so they met us there. My kids had so much fun playing in the playcenter with Eric. Everyone else in Texas also had the same idea so we were packed like sardines for a while.
Buying our door for our new pantry
I made a  homemade meal with some of Baby Boy's favorites for dinner...macaroni and cheese, skillet apples and sausage. Then he opened gifts. Don't you love it when your other kiddos declare that they have no clue what they got their brother as he opening the gift "from them". It was quite comical to watch him open up PJ's, a lunchbox and some construction vehicles and watch as they all got quickly forgotten when he realized it was dessert time.

The next morning he woke up and decided he was ready to wear his new spiderman PJS and all was right in the world.
Wednesday was Adam's birthday and we had a delayed start due to icy roads. I made sure everyone knew of the big day and he was wished Happy Birthday all day long. One of the cutest things happened when Adam went to pick up Ribbit. Her teacher told Adam "Happy Birthday" and Ribbit yelled as she came careening around the corner "Its his actual real live birthday too!"

After school Adam and I went out to see "The Imitation Game" review is this "interesting but meh". Then we headed to Sushi Sam's for some awesome sushi, steamed edemame and pistachio ice cream. OHHHHH YYYEEAAAHHHH! Adam's present this year was his truck so a movie and dinner was icing on the cake ;).
Happy SNOWY Birthdays to two of my favorites!!!

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