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Thursday, February 12, 2015

All you need is love....

L  O  V E   IS....

-Getting chocolate 3 different ways from students who just want to say Thank You.

-Celebrating the birth of a friends first grandbaby.

-Wearing socks from a student who is pretty stinkin amazing herself. I will admit to giving these bad boys the smell check to see if I can get away with wearing them through one more work out. THEY ARE THAT AWESOME!
-Having friends of all ages and at different walks in life to share struggles with, pray with, be encouraged by, hold each other accountable and to love on.

-APPLE CRACK!! Cream cheese, sugar, caramel, heath chips and mini chocolate chips, SHUT UP, I TORE THIS MESS UP and haven't had any regrets yet!!

-My 3 blessings that love living life together with their Momma Llama and Daddy Waddy.

-My sweet girl who dresses herself every Sunday. I love her outfits and have decided to just let her go with it, momma has to choose her battles wisely eh? This sweet thing also tells us daily that she is never leaving us, never moving will just be too hard on us :).

She definitely has on purple ears, an orange sock, a pink sock and a fuzzy bracelet :).
-My sweet boys giving kisses before church on a beautiful Sunday morning. This little boy always tell us "I WUV YOU TOO" as we leave every morning...he says it first and still says "too".

-My "crazy" friends who I can vent to, party with, get momma advice, pour out my guts too, dance with, joke with, plan GNO's with and create a group text message that would put teenagers to shame :).

-Love is 1 John 4:19 "We love because He first loved us".

Happy Valentines Day!!!
What does LOVE look like in your life?

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