Friday, February 6, 2015

Fitness Friday-kinda

I am changing things up a little this week with Fitness Friday. I thought that documenting our day might be fun to see how our days are spent, where work outs are inserted and just how stinkin funny my caramel children are :). 

Just another (week)day in paradise....
4:45-Peach Momma alarm goes off. 
5:00-Peach Momma and sometimes Peach Daddy head to the gym. 
5:15-6:15 Weights/ Cardio/ HILT/ Bodyweight Routine
6:30-Back home and normally greeted by Baby Boy who says " But I want to go work out with choo, mommy can you hold me?". We (momma, baby and monkey blanket) snuggle as we head towards the kitchen. Ribbit asks us daily at this time " Do we have school or church today?"

Lots of stinky snuggles until we are a happy boy and ready for breakfast.
6:30-7:30 (breakfast/get ready for school).
-During this hour we normally have several conversations. 
-Baby Boy, "Mommy I wike your stinky feet" "Mommy can I watch Batman? Mommy, Can I play a race car game? Mommy, can I take a picture on your phone?" "Daddy, can I check the weather on your phone?"...sneaky boy. 
-Ribbit "I want a  bagel with cream cheese", Mommy are you close to being 100?, Do I have to wear socks? "Please do my hair in one braid or a Queen Elsa Princess Bun"
-Goober "Can I have hot chocolate please?, Can I wear my under armor shirt under my uniform?, Can I pack another snack in my lunchbox, I am always hungry", "mom I forgot to ask you to sing my planner last night".. 
At breakfast, showing off their Rice Krispie teddy bears that Mrs. Gentry made to help us celebrate the day we got "the call" that would make us parents almost 4 years ago :).
7:30-Everyone except Baby Boy loads into the van after being corralled for at least 10 minutes. We double check that everyone has water bottles, nap mats, signed planners and lunch. Baby Boy walks mommy like a "gentlemen" to the door, gives us all kisses, tells us he will miss us, then slams the garage door and runs screaming "CHELLLLSEEAAAA, can I WATCCCHHH BBBATTTMMMANNN?".
7:45-Kiddos get walked down to their building, hugs and kisses, second hugs and kisses for Ribbit. 
Peach Daddy totally disrupting my Printmaking class...good thing he is cute :)

4:00-Pick up everyone, including an extra kiddo of a friend who comes home with us. 
4:00-5:00 HW, playtime, lunch making for the next day, review behavior from kiddos teachers for the day. During this hour we normally have these conversations. 
Baby Boy- Can I have a snack, I HUNGRY!!! Can I go pway with Moshe? (kid next door)
Ribbit- "mommy I am just this much hungry" as she holds up her thumb and pointer finger and makes the smallest space possible. "I listened today" or "i tried to listen today". 
Goober-" I don't understand any HW and I didnt' bring home any textbooks to help". " I got a Daniel award today for kindness", " Mom, I told my teacher that you probably wouldn't come to our Valentines Day tea since all you eat is rice cakes".
Baby boy and Kason (our friend who comes home with us). All 4 kids decided one day that Kason was in fact part of our family and they hyphenated his last name to include ours. We love this family dearly and are so thankful for their friendship!
5-5:30 Dinner while trying to keep all of the kids from attacking one another and commenting on the food.
Baby Boy "EWWWWWW, I don't wike tormadoes (potatoes). 
Ribbit " Mommy, how much of that do I have to eat to get dessert?"
Goober "that looks good, can I stir? "woops some cheese broke off, can I just eat it?" "can I have thirds?"
5:30 We all sit down to dinner and Ribbit or Baby Boy lead our prayer. They sing a line and then we sing it back. Ribbit sings the same prayer everyday but Baby Boy changes it up so that sometimes we say "eyeball" in our very spiritual prayer. 
We normally remind them to eat over their plate at least 5x, to not separate the food they like from the food they don't like at least 5x, to sit on their bottoms and not stand in their chairs at least 5x, to push their drinks back so they don't spill them 5x. 
We also go around and say what everyone's favorite part of their day was. Sometimes we all agree that sitting down to dinner has been our favorite part, other times it was recess, spanish, punching bugs in the face or unclogging a toilet...ahh life. 

Towards the end of dinner we have our devotional that Adam leads. We are going through the bible chronologically and applying each story to our kiddos lives. Goober soaks it up and wants to be the first to answer everything. Ribbit wants to retell the story or summarize it and at the end "EVERYONE DIES". Baby Boy answers everything with "JONAH" or "JESUS". He is very proud of himself.
Somehow we are able to tie adoption and redemption into a lot of our devotionals. Its just a part of us, its what we know. 

Some conversations during devotional are..
Goober-What if God wanted to fight Goliath, who would win? What if Solomon let that women cut the baby in half? What if God let us live to 1000 years old? What if God wants me to be a famous baseball and famous football player?
Ribbit-"Mommy, what if we all grow up and you don't have any more kids at home...I know, you can DOPT (adopt) more!". "yeah, we didn't come from mommy's tummy but then someone gave us to her because she wanted children". "Adam and Eve were in the garden but they sinned and THEN THEY DIED". "God is the biggest so he would beat Goliath"
Baby Boy-"Mommy, can I have a dessert, PUUUHHHLLLLEEASSEE". "mommy , can you feed me". "mommy, can I sit in your wap?". "mommy, I wike your stinky eyeball".
Keeping things PG....that took some major bubbles!!!
6-6:30 Bathtime, finish up any HW, visit with neighbors, clean up kitchen, pack book bags. 
Baby Boy and Ribbit love bubble baths and ask for one every night. Goober takes the quickest bath he can and normally comes out smelling dirtier than before he went in.
6:30-7:30 Reading/ Playing/ or cartoon time. They normally want to watch one Batman (yup all 3 are on a Batman kick right now) or Wild Kratts. This is when I respond to emails, do laundry or just relax...same for peach daddy.
7:30-8:30 Bedtime. Don't you think that is quite a loooonnngg bedtime routine. It ain't. Thats the 15 mins we spend tucking in, rubbing backs, hugging and  praying, followed by the 45 minutes we spend encouraging them all to stay in their bed, no you don't need one more sip of water,  yes you can go the bathroom one more time, no you don't have hot lunch tomorrow". GEE WHIZ.
8:30-9:30 Peach Momma and Daddy time, don't get any ideas here, we are normally planted in front of the TV, on the couch until we drag ourselves to bed ;)

Happy Weekend Y'all! We are headed to the Rodeo with our good buddy Kason (pictured above) and his family!

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