Sunday, February 22, 2015

Peach Pickin-What my family lovvvesss to eat!!

We are a big ole mess of somewhat picky eaters around here. It's not yet to the point of annoyance and with some foods it just a preference. Which means that for lunch Goober gets the plain honey granola bar while Ribbit gets the chocolate chip and Baby Boy gets the peanut butter. With crackers we are split 3 ways as well between cheese, peanut butter and cheese with peanut butter filling.....the kids always know when Dad packs their lunch because they are forced to eat their siblings favorite :).

Needless to say I constantly find myself saying "This is not a restaurant" whenever one of them gets whiny at dinner...the one meal where one dish is cooked and like it or not you are eating it :).

I know that many people make fun of those who snap photos of their food. However, how many of us relate a food or recipe or just plain cooking back to a loved one, a special time in their lives or just the thought of home. How many times have I tried to cook tomatoes and rice just like my Grandma Coleman only to find that it isn't quite right but I still cherish her memory anyways. How many times have I tried to recreate my husbands favorite birthday dessert, blueberry fluff, only to stray a little away from his moms recipe only to find that for him it was the thought in the beginning that counts. How many times have I stood in my kitchen with 3 sets of little sticky hands helping me make cupcakes, cookies, pies and breads....and then watched them lick their fingers and declare that we are good cooks. How many times have my little chefs help me prepare a meal for a sick family, family with a newborn, a grieving family, a new neighbor or as a thank you...the answer, countless. These memories tied to food are sacred to me....a part of who I am and the traditions and lessons I am teaching my kids in the kitchen. So joke away memory maker haters.... :).

This is one of my go to meals...especially if we are having guests over!! Prego Light Alfredo sauce, spaghetti squash and baked/grilled chicken. Sometimes I add in homemade pesto and top with Parmesan cheese. 

1. Half the squash, rub with oil, salt and pepper. Cook at 350 for 40-45 minutes in the oven, flesh side up.
2. Shred with a fork (its like butter) and watch it turn into spaghetti.
3. Stir in sauce, chicken and toppings.

My kids have never once said that this doesn't taste as good as normal chicken alfredo...and you better believe it comes in at around 200 calories a serving...bring on the BIG BOWLS!

I'm not sure I can express our love of Matzah in words. Its a problem that we are all okay with!
This is my favorite way to eat it. Slathered with PB2 with a little bit of Walden Farms Zero Calorie chocolate sauce mixed in (not to much, just enough to make it hazelnutty) and then a sliced banana. I could (and have) eaten this for breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert. ITS SO GOOD. Salty, sweet, crunchy, chewy....And this particular way only cost me a whopping 235 calories...SCORE

And this is my kiddos personal favorite...thats right, they all agree for once! Its Matzah with creamy peanut butter and strawberries. I attempted to make them strawberry hearts since this was Valentines Day but the fact that my matzah was calling my name put me in a rush, thus the sloppy "hearts".

This.....This is heavenly! Sweet baby broccoli, onions, mushrooms, grilled marinated chicken and then wilted spinach on top. You could put salsa in this or some soy sauce. ITS DELISH!!!!!!

And finally, another breakfast favorite for all. Egg Tacos.

The kiddos like theirs with eggs and mozzarella cheese wrapped in one of these awesome wraps that my good friend, workout buddy, fellow teacher and mentor Debbie found for us. 50 calories a pop and look at all that fiber. FILL YOU UP!!

My tacos look a little different. Same great wraps, egg whites, laughing cow cheese, salsa, onions and mushrooms. I was out of spinach or else I would have wilted some on top as well.

What is your family's go to meal? What are your kiddos favorites?

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