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Thursday, February 19, 2015

32 things you don't know about my hubby

Guess who turns 32 in a few days? This guy....
In honor and to celebrate each year of his life here are 32 things you may not know about this cool dude.

1-He can mimic anyone. Watch out friends and family. If Adam has been around you for longer than 5 minutes then he has your accent, mannerisms and quirks down. I get a giggle out of each and every impression he does, except when he mimics me and its dead on annoying :).

2-He may be a white boy but he has got moves. Can I get an Amen from any of our friends who have invited us to their wedding? Adam has always started and ended the dancing. People always ask why I don't join him....well its hard to dance with someone when they are dancing AT you, not WITH you!!

3-This may be a continuation of #2 but as I said Adam has dance skillz....which runs over into the fact that he can do the worm....on any surface...with a moments notice.

4- He has been skydiving....over the Swiss Alps.

5-He and his brother hiked the Applachain Trail for close to 3 months before they were forced to stop due to health reasons. He talks about how close he felt to the Lord during those many long days of hiking and long nights in a tent.

6-He had dreads during this hike...he wore the front two spiked up like bug must have been super attractive...smelly hiker with bug dreads...yuck.

7-He has had his tongue pierced...not once but twice. When we first started dating I mentioned to him that my dad wouldn't take him seriously if he had that thing in when he asked to marry me. I knew the minute that sucker came out that a proposal was near :).

8-He leads our family in a devotional every night after dinner. He is currently taking us through the bible chronologically and the kids love answering his questions and listening to the silly songs he makes up and the funny voices he uses in his stories.

9-He can't remember the words to 99% of all songs. He has "Happy Birthday" and " I'm a little tea pot" down, other than that he butchers every single song.

10-He sees no need to dirty up a cup when he can crane his neck under the faucet spicket and drink water that way. Its semi okay at our house, but completely awkward at our friends homes...completely awkward.

11-He      waits        to        eat        his          ice        cream       until        it          has         melted      into       soup. On purpose.

12- He proposed without a wedding ring. It was in the mail but he said he couldn't he drew a ring on my finger with a sharpie.

13- He compliments me at least 5x a day...with no regard for who can hear or how much it might embarrass me. Its completely romantic and embarrassing all at the same time.
14- He heard ColdPlay at one of their first small concerts while living abroad in Austria and has been hooked ever since.

15- He has an undergrad in Anthropology and a Masters in Biblical Studies and Biblical Archaeology.

16-His nickname in high school was clue why?

17-He has an addiction to swedish fish and cereal. Not mixed, seperately.

18- He only wanted to adopt one child at first but towards the end of our foster classes he told me that he felt like we could handle a sibling group. Yup, we can :).

19-He has the card that I wrote my # on back in college in his wallet still :). Funny thing is that I gave it to him with hopes of setting him up with my best friend!

20-He still has the line up card of the game when Goober struck out his first batter. Sweet man.

21-He cried (I may be in trouble) as I described to him how Goober struck out, threw out and then struck out another player in the last inning of a game to win for his team. He was at home with our two littles who were sick and as he heard my voice get more and more excited he lost it :).

22-He always calls his grandparents on their birthdays or to tell them thank you for sending him birthday cards.
23-He may have had a college bedroom that was decorated with Bob Marley tye dye fabric and beaded curtains with fairies. YIKES!!!!

24-The first compliment Adam ever gave me was at 3 am, sitting inside his truck, outside my duplex in Auburn. He wrote on a sticky note that he was in love with my soul and knew that I would be his wife. I was half asleep, in pjs but I remember thinking that I loved how he complimented my character first instead of my physical beauty.

25-He loves Sci Fi....anything to do with another planet, robots, time travel, super powers, etc.

26-He always ask me if he "looks ok" when getting dressed for church on Sundays".

27-He doesn't like cake. GASP. He loves cheesecake and cookie cake but not the dryness or texture of traditional cake.

28-He is one of my brothers best friends. It has been one of the most touching things to watch them grow closer to each other and have looooonnnggg talks about the Lord, theology, football, marriage as they smoke cigars and share wisdom.

29- He only ever shows anger during football season. But when he does show it we leave the house :). I pray that Auburn does well every year for two reasons...1) I heart them and 2)so my kiddos won't be scared of their daddy as he beats up bean bags and stomps around :).

30-He shared the gospel with my Papa several times as he declined. Its very hard to beg someone who you love to believe in something that they don't agree with, especially when he has dementia and could be very mean at times. Adam sat beside his bed, held his hand and spoke truth to him when nobody else could. I am forever in debt to the loving kindness he showed.

31-He handles criticism better than anyone I know. He is always quick to learn from it and receive it. He can admit when he is wrong and challenges himself to be better. He will gladly share with you ways in which the Lord is growing and challenging him.

32-He is a human GPS. No really, ask anyone. We can be in any state, any city and just by looking at the sun and doing his boy scout voodoo he can get us where we need to be. I can be in tears and have driven past the same Burger King 5 times and after a 3 second conversation with him I am back on the right route. Its quite amazing and a blessing!

Happy Happy 32nd Birthday (on the 25th) to my handsome hubby! You are a blessing to all!

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  1. You nailed it, Kinzie! His mother and I are so proud of the Christian man, husband, father and friend he continues to become. And he's so much fun to be around !!