Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Goob was just plain comical during the yardsale. He kept going behind me putting his own price tags on things. He insisted on selling our mini fridge for $29 instead of $20. He also put a price tag of 123, 456, 789 on the Element and another one of 210,000 on the house. He said that he would be willing to come down though. The funniest part was that he set up a little table at the front of the driveway to sell brownies at. He made a sign that said " Goober's (real name) Bakery"....brownies 2 for a $1.00. I never ever went that far up the driveway during the sale. However, afterwards we put some things on the curb and he had changed it to "2 brownies for $21.00". No wonder he only sold $2.50 worth of brownies :). We went straight to the Dollar Tree after the yardsale and he bought candy and a watch. We got home and he came out of the bathroom and said " that's funny, my watch stopped working right when the water touched it". Adam and I started dying laughing. He thinks that watch is so high quality and since he saw "a wave" on it he swore  it was waterproof. I guess Santa will have to bring him a real waterproof watch!

Ribbit did great at the yardsale. They both were up so early with us and Adam and I were so busy getting things ready that I handed them both a Halloween goody bag and called it breakfast. Therefore, they were high on sugar from fun size snickers, reeses and hershey kisses...but they were happy!!!! I kinda felt like a bad mom at first but then I thought, ah, one morning won't hurt...and then on Sunday I made up for it by serving them Steel Cut Oats with lots of fiber :). Ribbit talked to almost everyone at the yardsale and charmed the pants off of them. She napped during some of it and threw a ball with one of our church friends for a little while.

Sunday we went and saw two students from our school get baptized. The little girl has been one of Goob's best friends since last year. The older boy has been in my art class for the last 2 years. We are good friends with their parents and it was a really neat experience for Goob to see. After that we went and ate barbecue with them and then came home and packed.

Here is a picture that cracks me up of Ribbit. She found a pair of Adam's underwear that have Spongebob on them and she has been calling them her dress for weeks now. She puts them on and walks around and says " spongebob dress". Its awesome.
Let me know how long you laugh.....Adam and I couldn't stop!!!!

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