Friday, October 21, 2011

Bedtime Routines

On Monday and Thursday Adam has class until 9. The kids and I have a routine of reading and singing for the 30 minutes before they go to bed. These are a few of our favorite songs and these moments are my favorites with the kids!!!
Listen for Ribbit to say " come on cc" and hit the book. She has worn this read aloud book out and now my mom's voice no longer plays :).

This is one of our favorites....Goober sings it all the way to school sometimes (thats a 30 minute drive right now and its what I get for praying for patience :))

Here is a verse that we have been working on...Goob is so smart!

We are leaving for Alabama in 1 hour.....thats right at 9 oclock at night. The kids didnt take naps today and I am keeping them up until we get on the road, hoping they will sleep for at least the first 8 hours of the trip....are we asking for it or what ????? :)

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