Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Artsy Fartsy 2

We have been going 90 to nothing here. Packing up the house, getting ready for our yardsale this weekend and of course doing 1st grade homework, staying involved at church and keeping up with every football (war eagle) and baseball (go rangers) game that we can!
We are going to move over a 3 week period...which will be very nice! We will make our big final move the last weekend of October....I CAN'T WAIT.....have I mentioned the island in the kicthen?...what about the double oven?

Here are some more works from my oh so talented students. We just finished our first nine weeks so they finally got lots of projects matted and/or mounted.

7th grade-blown ink trees, then we studied calligraphy and added a verse about creation onto it. I am so blessed to work at a christian school!
Oddly enough, my boys had beautiful handwriting, where as the girls struggled and pretty much just embellished their own handwriting.

7th grade-we studied foreshortening mainly from "The Dead Christ" and then they drew themselves as if they had just fallen onto a glass floor. We talked about what someone below them may see, what their facial expression would be like and how our body looks when we compact certain parts and extend others. They loved this project!!! The girls did better at using colored pencils but I loved my boys ideas on creating a story behind how they fell!
This student got my only may not be able to tell but she layered several colors for her skin tone. I love her :)

 Isn't this cute....doesn't he look like a sailor? This student is super quiet but I hear him say one liners to his friends all the time.

Intro to Art: We studied Ruisdael (a dutch landscape artist) and they drew our campus based on his style of billowing clouds and a melancholy atmosphere. 
Look at those clouds in the background...beautiful...this male student really paid attention...funny, I couldn't tell by how many times I had to ask him to stop riding his drawing board down the grassy hills :)

This young lady played volleyball for me last year. This is her first year in art....and she has no clue how talented she is. She was my featured artist of the week!

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