Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Zoo

So today we ventured out to the Fort Worth Zoo. We had heard so many wonderful things about it and overall I think it lived up to its reputation. Even more so, our kids lived up to our behavior standards and everyone had a great time. We started out with a little attitude after Goober realized that we are not the kind of people who speedwalk through the zoo, giving each animal 4 seconds of our attention. He slowed down and all was fine.
We got to the Tazmanian Tower and he wanted to rockclimb. We both thought that he would chicken out and get upset if he didn't reach the top to ring the bell. Well let me tell you that he shimmied up the tower not once but twice and rang the bell both times!!! We were both so proud!!!!
We ended up spending 5 hours there, eating our own food ( much less expensive ) and Ribbit even took a one hour nap in her stroller. She behaved so well and was fine with the fact that we didn't carry her everywhere. She waved to all the animals and told them bye. We also managed to get out of the zoo without buying any souvenirs!!!!!!
We left straight from the zoo and went to get ice cream!!! We are now home watching a new movie " Megamind" and letting ourselves get some rest!!!
This trip has us hopeful for our upcoming Ranger Game adventure!!!!

Ribbit is now saying " Good Morning' when I walk in to get her first thing in the morning. She is also saying " good girl" after she has served a time out.......these somewhat work :). She also says cereal, ball and water much more clearly!!!!!

Goobers First Climb to the top!

Goober's Second Climb to the top!

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