Monday, June 29, 2009

Some more prayer requests

I just wanted to ask for your prayer in these areas.

1. More unbelievers are revealed in group...I dont know how they survived the Garden Tomb ( i haven't blogged on that yet) because I was in tears the whole time we were there. Pray that their roommates will have chances to minister to them and we can all show them the power of God in our lives.
2. My square friend Jared has a baby due in September....its almost 31 weeks and weighs a little over 2 lbs..his wife is at home alone.
3. Cohesion in the group....we ( the Southwest Seminary group) have become a family and everyone gets along rather well with everyone we have 22 more being added to our dig and I can already sense tension...pray that God would unite us for the next two weeks.
4. That everyone would stay healthy while on the dig...its getting hot and people are growing tired and SORE!!!
5. That God would speak to us individually while we are here....rather while touring or while digging up buckets up dirt....that we would find time to spend with him and remember why we came.
6. That our home would sell and we would find jobs in Texas..still nothing on both.
7. Some people ( especially those who left behind spouses ) are starting to get homesick and we are just now at the halfway point.
Thank you for your prayers thus far...God is working!!!

1. So far no one has had any serious injuries on the dig or surveying.
2. Some people who had only signed up to stay for two weeks extended it to 5 weeks.

4. Adam and I have friends here who will be waiting for us with open arms when we get to Ft. Worth...two of them have offered us their guest rooms if we get to TX and don't have anywhere to stay.

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  1. You are both truly a blessing - God's grace be with you, dear son and daughter, as you walk His path.