Friday, June 5, 2009


We just wanted to thank everyone who helped us raise the 5000 needed to go on this trip. We had several people give us very generous donations and we are extremely grateful to you. We also had a local restaurant who allowed us to do a fundraiser there for a night. Finally, we had a yardsale at the Harvells home in Huntsville and besides cleaning out both of our houses we raised a lot of money. We are counting down the days now...only 5 left til we head to Atlanta to jump on board. Our handtools..picks and trowels have both finally arrived and I am starting to feel like an archaeologist....well sorta. Adam is staying busy with his final days at work and I am going here and there getting things together so that we can be gone for 5 weeks and nothing get behind.
Before we go we are helping with VBS at our church. Adam is the host and since its an austrailian theme he felt the need to grow out a mustache....i'm not a fan :).
Ill leave you with some pictures.Here is the yardsale at a not so busy pace...we did it both friday and saturday morning.
Here is the mustache in all its glory...its really handlebars...i think he secretly wants to be my dad!!!!

Here's one of the four kangaroos I made for our Vacation Bible School.

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  1. Is that Ricky-Bobby or Jerry-Jack in that handlebar??? I'm jealous of his follicles!