Thursday, June 18, 2009

3rd Day of Digging

* I added pictures to the blog about our first day of digging*

First of all, last night was awesome. We had a lecture on the idea behind Neve Shalom/ Wahat al Salam from one of the primary school directors and then we had a welcome reception out by the pool.
Ill post more on Neve Shalom later but the gist is that a monk, Bruno Hussar, had an idea to create an interfaith community mixing Arabs and Jews. They started with five families and now have 55 families. Their primary school was the very first of its kind to have duel language learning teaching both Arab and Hebrew. They have since started 4 more schools all over Israel and hope to have another going next year.
The welcoming reception was absolutely beautiful. We sat underneath palm leaves, out by the pool watching the sun go down. They brought out a pizza oven ( unlike anything I have ever seen) and made pizza on pita bread. They had three full of spices, one with goat cheese and mushrooms and the other with a sweet tomato sauce and green olives. I had 2 pieces and Adam had 3...not to mention all the wonderful sides and 6 kinds of gelato for dessert. So, we went to bed full and happy. Have I mentioned that sleeping after a full day of digging, pottery washing and lectures is like going into a coma. I know that I changed into my pajamas, got into bed and turned off the lights but I have no collection of doing it.
Anyways, Day three of digging went great. Everyone knows thier routine now and we are all starting to really know each other. A local Arab trades us some fresh apples for a watermelon and we add that to our first breakfast.
Adams square went down another meter today and found the bottom of the North side of a wall. My square took down our baulk that runs east to west and found the top layer of the rampart and a door post. ( by the way, its ok for us to talk about this but dont post it on anything that is read by lots and lots of people.....we dont want visitors coming by and interrupting our work, and the archeaologists still need time to analyze everything). Actually, there are other things that we are finding that can't be discussed on the internet...ask us in person when we get home and we will be glad to share.
My square a lot of time cleaning up our site today since a famous Israeli archeaologist is coming tomorrow to see our square. Therefore we clean out lots of weeds, trash and washed over debris.
Two visitors from the states stop by with thier dog and talk to us about what we are finding. They are coming back next week to see our progress.
I want to introduce some of the people in our squares so that if I mention them in a blog you will know who I am talking about.
Adams square
Supervisor- Ghassan ( palestinian archeaology student)
Adam- my handsome husband
James- a student from Ashland Bible College in Ohio
Jessica- our resident nurse and wife of the surveyor.
Kinzie Square
Supervisor- Dan ( teacher at New Orleans Seminary ) and Paul ( retired history teacher and Dan's uncle)
Moriah- a student from Ashland Bible College, a really fun girl!!
CC- New Orleans seminary student-very sweet
Jared- Ashland Bible College student- hard worker, has a baby due in September
Dave- a.k.a. Crap Magnet and wheelbarrow pusher

To end with I have some prayer requests
A) A Buddhist girl in our group
B) A lady who got hurt on first day of dig
C)Ghassan- Adam's supervisor....don't know his religous beliefs
D) That our house would sale...our realtor has been showing it like crazy since we left but no one has made an offer!
E) Jobs for both of us in TX

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