Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I just wanted to address a couple of things that have been brought to my attention.
You may think you are not hearing from my handsome archaeologist of a husband BUT you are!! I sit down with him every day and write down everything we can remember from the day. Then he sits beside me every night while I write it up for our blog. He is not interested in giving all the description that I do, but believe me you are reading thoughts from both of us.
Second, make sure to go back and check later blogs since it takes me a while to upload pictures here. I have completed the Jerusalem pictures and added it to the blog with that trips description. I will try to tell you as I upload pictures but scroll down every now and then to check things out.
Last, I want to readdress our tools.
The names we use for our tools are all Arabic.
Goofa- a bucket made out of old tires with two handles. This is used to move dirt from the pit to the wheelbarrow. We also carry tools in it.
Makoosh- a regular pick with a pointy side and a flat side. This is used to break up topsoil and to go through fill rather fast.
Terea- a really large hoe. This is used to scrape through what has been turned up and load it into the goofa.
Calcareim- A water cooler that we carry up to the Tel with us daily to make sure we have pleny of H2O
We also use trowels and pastiches (small picks) when we get to finds that need attention.
I will make sure to point out these tools when I upload pictures from the dig.
Thanks for following along.....I know it may be hard to keep track of when pictures are uploaded but I hope you will go back and put descriptions with images.
Day two and three of the dig will be posted later.....I can tell you this though...I think we are secretly at a fat camp.....PHYSICAL LABOR ( but with so much rewardd).

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  1. Dr Dad the OCD Blog readerJune 17, 2009 at 7:12 PM

    Thanks for the clarifications and details - By Jove - I think I've Got It!!