Sunday, June 21, 2009

4th and 5th Day of Digging

Well Thursday and Friday of digging were kinda same ole same ole. There were some finds that we can't discuss yet and that makes it fun...the anticipation of what we are going to find!
Thursday-Adam started working on the other side of the wall and pretty soon will have it all unearthed. He made a neat discovery that we can discuss in person when we get home.
My square took down more of the rampart and North -South baulk. We started pottery washing today...its not as fun as I thought it was going to be....we sit underneath a shade cloth outside and wash several ( probably 50 ) buckets of pottery. I got the jackpot bucket (sarcasm) and wound up washing about 200 small pieces of pottery with no slip, glaze, sgraffito or writing on them. Oh well, its a good time of fellowship. Dr. Shish, the oldest archeaologist in Israel is coming to visit today so we cleaned up around our square, including what we call the coffin. During second breakfast today I tried the yogurt here for the first time and oh my....the cappucino yogurt is AWESOME!!!!!

Friday-Even though we ate two breakfasts and have a fruit break we are working hard for 6.5 hours every day in the when I started feeling dizzy on Friday I was not surprised. I got dehydrated....threw up twice and more or less needed some sugar. I thought I brought some sugar packets with us but we changed carry on luggage right before we left for the airport and I think they got left behind. Our Tel nurse gave me sugar, sat me down and gave me some gatorade. They took me and Adam back to the Tel and I slept for about an hour. I felt better by lunchtime. I know this sounds passive but this is kinda normal for me...nothing to worry about. I just need to drink more and take in more sugar. I have always been a little hypoglycemic so I think I just need to be more aware of my body. Adam did a great job taking care of me the rest of the day and we only missed the last two hours of digging, hour was the Tel Tour where we walk around on Fridays and see what everyone has we didn't miss too much work.
After lunch we had an afternoon free from lectures and pottery washing so I drew, Adam slept and then Dr. Ortiz bought everyone ice cream. After that we all played cards until dinner and then went to bed.

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