Monday, June 8, 2009


Adam and I are busy busy packing and getting all of the last minute things done.
We are also helping out with VBS up until the day we leave so that has been a huge blessing.
The theme for VBS is Boomerang Express and its in the outback of Australia.
Adam is one of the host...Outback Ronnie.
I am his sidekick and friend, the koala,, that suit is HOT!!I also wanted to let anyone know that we would welcome any mail from friends or family in the states while we are there. Of course you would need to send it fairly early on in our trip since it may take a while to get there. Our address there is:

Tel Gezer Archaeology Project: Adam/Kinzie Harvell
Neve Shalom - Wahat al-Salam Hotel
Doar Na Shimshon
99761, Israel


  1. Geez. . . or should I say Gezer Let's see it with the head on!

  2. So we can't figure out who is Pops and who is Poppa Bear?
    Is Pops Randy and Poppa Bear Papa Coleman?