Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday Dig

Today everyone is working a little bit slower....we are all pretty tired and ready for two days off. At the Tel Tour Dr. Ortiz and Sam Wolff show us exactly what has been found in what field and explain some ways that archeaologists make conclusions based on what they find. Apparently an archeaologist from Israel came though today and told our supervisors that they couldn't believe we had only been digging for 2 weeks based on the work done and the findings....exciting things are happening here!!! ( its so hard not to tell you).
Dr. Ortiz tells us that we have surpassed his expectations for this season and that is nice to hear after digging in the heat!!!
After digging Adam goes with Boon to pottery analysis to better understand how to read the pottery. I opt for the pool...along with about 10 other gezerites. It was soooo nice!!!
At 3:00 about 12 of us meet up to take the hike over to Latroun Monastary and the remains of a Crusader castle about a mile away. Two of our supervisors drive us there and we decide to hike back through fields. The Monastary is pretty neat and apparently its the first place Jesus was seen after he arose from the dead, after appearing to the women in the garden ( adam and I are going to check on this and we will let you know). The Crusader Castle is pretty neat and there are lots of full rooms and arches left intact. The hike back absolutely kicked our about a workout...after 6.5 hours of digging!!! I had bad calf spasms afterwards and we were pretty tired!!! We watched 1/2 of a movie in the dig house after supper and then went to bed....this weekend we tour again!!!

Pictures from 2nd week of Dig

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