Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Weekend Recap

I wrote this post last Monday but my website was down until this weekend:

Several students and teachers asked me today if I had a good weekend, and every time I had a really hard time picturing what we did. We were so busy to begin with and then several surprise thing landed on our schedule as well.

We finally had a breakthrough moment with Goober at 5 am on Sunday, break throughs normally begin with a moment of allowing God to completely break us and thats exactly what happened. I have only shared what happened with one other friend who is praying over us and with us but the rawness of our sin nature was so evident!!

Since then Goober and Dad spent some man time rock climbing and mom and Goober spent some time running and cooking....all about restoring what was lost, bringing him back into the circle of blessing, reminding him that his adoption was forever....he can keep on behaving poorly but it just ends up in a big nasty mess again and again..hopefully never again at 5 am. Please pray for his little heart, he has a tendency to swallow everything and let is boil..against his siblings and us and it makes our family time or really any time at home awful.

We also had a great time celebrating our Daddy and playing with our church friends...We got some more closets cleaned out and more of Goobers room ready for his birthday make over. I as usual got a ton of meals prepped for the week and lined up events to come. Adam got some yardwork in and wrapped up some bigger projects at work. So maybe we didn't have a weekend?

I am currently sitting at the gym, watching Ribbits gymnastics class, giving her a thumbs up every time she does an assisted back flip or crossed the balance beam. I normally divide my Monday workouts to cardio in the morning and weights during her class but I sprinted 5 miles this morning and got in an ab workout this morning. I also have both boys with me and its nice to just sit and type. I forced myself to complete my contest spreadsheets at work so that I could have this downtime actually. Scheduling downtime keeps me sane!!!

Baby Boy's new big boy bed...he loves it...Sister does too :)

They may not look that great but these chocolate protein powder, sweet potato, craisin muffins are awesome!!
Heading to karate before his big 4 year old birthday party!
Uncle Chris came down for the party and went to karate practice with us!
What a sweet uncle!!! The kids keep talking about how they could "knock"him down in the bounce house!
Me and my bestie as Princess Leia and our two girls as BB8 and R2D2.
Isaiah's favorite baby sitter and our neighbor came to his party and was so sweet to slide with him several times!
The birthday boys Kason-5, Baby Boy-4 and their AWESOME CAKE!
The only gift he got to open at the party..and it was is favorite of course since it was from Uncle Chris and Aunt Micah!
The big kids had fun with the noodle light sabers.
Spaghetti squash, bone broth, carrots, kale stalks and ground turkey...covered in tumeric and some tomato paste..SO GOOD!
Ribbit and Aunt Robin have become pen pals and she loved that confettti fell out of this card along with butterfly cut outs!
Outside after the party playing with his star wars remote control motorcycle from Uncle Chris!
Showing off his money that he got from a friend!
He loves walkie talkies. 
Probably my favorite family picture ever...I love how he is looking at the camera :)
He got lots of bath toys and wanted them all in the bath with him that night...this dinosaur is just as big as he is and has scared me at least 10 times since his party...now I think people in my house are putting him in places that I won't expect!
I had to share this...our sweet friends, the Schmuckers, took newborn pictures for us on the 2nd day we had baby boy. Did you realize that tomorrow is his Homecoming Day?
He wanted a bagel for his birthday breakfast. 

Eating lunch with mommy and daddy on his 4th birthday!

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