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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Break Part 1

Spring Break is 1/2 way over. We have had a pretty productive week and even snuck in a visit to our dear friends in San Angelo. 

Daddy has almost completely remodeled our kitchen, with custom cabinets and we have a guy coming to measure for our countertops today! We also got ALL NEW WINDOWS put in on Monday and what it difference it makes to the appearance of our home. We have had several compliments from families who drive past our home on the way to school and text us to tell us how great it looks! We got some of Goober's room remodel done, including the dresser from YOU KNOW WHERE!!!!!

I have had 3 set painting sessions and have accomplished quite alot as far as staining goes. I fear my hands will never be the same color again. The musical is "crazy for you" and 3/4 of the sets are wooden towns. I never want to stain wood again! Fortuntaely I can see light at the end of the tunnel and hope to be done by Easter!

The kids have had a lot of fun playing on the trampoline in this beautiful weather, playing basketball in the gym (one of Goobers best friends moved about 1 minute away and so far they have played basketball for 8 hours of the break :). The kids have done a lot of workouts with me and Goober has been doing CrossFit circuits and running the last mile of my morning runs with me. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we were in San Angelo with the Wildes. As Sarah said "I have never seen kids eat that much food". Keep in mind that with the two fmailies combined we are a solid 10. They have 3 kids under only 10 weeks old. Our kids had so much fun being outside and exploring the farm. The Wilde sisters loved having a sleepover with Ribbit while the two boys slept together in the front sitting room. I asked everyone what their favorite part of the whole trip and we all had a hard time narrowing it down to just one thing. 

Goober-driving the golf cart (of course) and Mr. Doug's steak
Isaiah-riding the golf cart with bubba because he drove fast
Ribbit-driving the little kid tractor all over the farm with Caroline
Daddy-sitting and relaxing in the beautiful weather
Mommy-talking about being a mom with Sarah while we watched our 6 kiddos play (well while John John slept or ate)

Sarah was so kind to make us all paleo food and I even learned a new trick for sweet potatoes! What a great first 1/2 of our week. Right now we are at the library watching the new Lion King movie. We have karate and baseball tonight and tomorrow we leave for Arkansas to hang out with Aunt Micah and Uncle Chris. THE KIDS ARE STOKED!

4 pictures from a field trip that I took my printmaking class on. They got to print off of limestone and visit a working silkscreen business. AWESOME DAY!

I love that Ribbit loves to read her Highlights magazine during karate class. She LOVES circling the "whats wrong" pictures.

Although my time wasn't great I finished my first CrossFit open. I dropped my last squat clean at least 2 times as the weight increased with each round. BUT I FINISHED!!!!

Could not be more excited about who is leading our Easter service, MY DREAM COME TRUE!!! They literally sing scripture and their voices are heavenly!

Taking notes during church and sitting like a young lady! SO CUTE

Chicken noodle soup with lots of veggies!

Ribbit's creation on her LeapPad..a little creepy eh?

I seriously have no idea why people would want to eat out when eating Paleo is soo stinking good!

Another Crossfit workout that I was so stinking proud of. Nice finish and increased weights!

We seriously eat this 2 or 3 times a week!

Another awesome field trip with my kiddos to the DMA to see POLLACK. I had chills and could have stayed double the time except fot the stupid parking meter.



One of the group favorites!

A beautiful quiche with lots of veggies, eggs and nutritional yeast.

I mean no one should be able to eat this well :)

I normally don't post my weight photos but I wanted to prove that  eating good fats will not make your gain weight. I have dropped another 5 lbs since eating since eating REAL BACON, avacado, meat and lots of veggies...TASTE SOO GOOD!

kitchen remodel in the works!

We love soups for cold weather!

My new gym buddy!

Helping Daddy build!

Squatting it out!

Inclined sit ups Baby Boy style :)

See Mommy!

Out with the old!

In with the new!

More of the remodel!

We also got to have dinner with Mal, Susie and Ross at Fuzzys. Our kids LOVED Mal!

My running buddy!

Fun on the farm....the weather was gorgeous! I have my hands in the air like I just do not care!

Ribbit and Caroline holding Baby John John

Lots to explore!

What a wonderful relaxing trip..cant wait to go back!

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