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Sunday, March 13, 2016

I can't even...

Yall, its 2:34 on the Saturday of the beginning of Spring Break and I can't even deal with life right now...

My kitchen is literally in pieces as Adam puts in new cabinets, new tile floor and a whole new configuration....and I can't dinner is in a crockpot...I can smell it but I don't see it right now.

My son chose the HARDEST dresser ever to put together at Target and it has taken me 1.5 hours to do steps 1-3....I cant I stopped to eat a pear and write this.

My kids were up when I got done working out at 6:15 and had already discussed how "aliens are from other pwanets".."syrup can go on waffles and pancakes but not the other way around"..."how they pee peed in their bed again" ...and oh yeah, the two boys broke a coffee mug while horsing around......and Adam slept right through it.....and I can't even.

I had grades due on Wednesday...but remember that 500 entry competition I hosted on Monday and Tuesday? Well I stayed late and entered grades...BUT FORGOT TO UPLOAD THEM so I had people telling me that I had no grades entered at all yesterday and I cried.....I just can't even.

At karate this morning my son demanded to do 10 kicks and then demanded that his teacher didn't count to 10 so he showed him how to..1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11,12...and he held up both hands plus two extra fingers from another kid...he also yelled that he was the best student today...I didn't get up or even acknowledge it...I can't even.

I just now looked into my youngest son's room and my two youngest took the styrofoam that was in my already talked about dresser's box AND THEY SHREDDED IT ALL OVER THE ROOM. I looked at Adam and said "they are your kids"..I can't even deal with it right now.

Since I can't even LIVE right are some pictures...

I made the kids "Ninja Warrior Sushi Rolls" with tapaico wraps, turkey, peppers and mustard.

Paleo Spaghetti ...using roasted eggplant as the meat and spaghetti squash for the noodles

Adam's birthday breakfast was HOLY MOLY good blueberry bread..super healthy!

Still loving CrossFit

Field trip with Baby Boy to the fire station!

He loves his class!

I love that our school celebrates christian characteristics!

Go Cart time at a birthday party!

The himalayan roller coaster with my girl...who kept her hands up the whole time and said "whew" about every 5 seconds.

Spidey and Baby Boy

Paleo Chickena and good, so creamy, no cheese, no cream, no gluten, no wheat!

I love our colorful food...tomatoes, fermented beets, cucumbers, kale and smashd avacado !

Roasted veggies with tumeric and spicy mustard!

I am the most proud of this workout. It was a total of 105 pull ups and 105 wallballs. I finished first and really pushed myself...and my calves hurt for days!!!

Roasted squash salad.

Love the new black and white picture I added above my desk at school.

I love that I still get updates from other sweet mommas when I can't go on a field trip with my kiddos.

My husband has many talents, being our mascot is one of the best ones. Our kiddos love that their daddy has so much school spirit!

We have this meal at least once a week..wilted kale with tumeric and cooked in bacon fat. Sweet potatoes cooked in coconut oil on parchment paper and lemon pepper tilapia. 

Our veggie poster that we look to every meal to find all the veggies we are eating. The kids love to guess what "green" is hidden or cooked differently in every meal.

I finally changed out my family picture wall to show off our most recent family photos taken by the talented Mrs. Trinity Bloom.

The boys were gifted some kickboxing equpiment and have been using it like crazy!

Its finally warm and dry enough to ride bikes!

Kale stems, pappers, lettuce, shredded pork and squash. Dessert was pan cooked plaintains and apples with cinnamon..cooked in coconut oil..SO GOOD!!

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