Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break Part 2

Spring Break seems like so long ago...and now that we are coming up to another 4 day break (good Friday and Easter Monday) it seems like we desperately need another break....Could it have something to do with the fact that I spent 6 hours painting sets today? 6 hours of climbing up and down ladders, up on lifts, reaching out even though I was on the top rung of the ladder and hearing numerous people say "BE CAREFUL".....maybe?

The last part of Spring Break we spent in Arkansas with my brother and sister in law. We loved it. We of course took the cold nasty weather with us again there but that didn't stop us from getting outside. We stopped on the way up and picked out our granite for our new counters....YEAH!!! We also stopped at Texas Tulips and even though we got rained on we got some great pictures with rows and rows of pictures behind us and we picked some for Aunt Micah too.

We met them for dinner and then headed back to our hotel for some swimming. We always stay at this hotel we like at least one night, just to give the kids some swimming time, give momma gym access and not to overwhelm the two newlyweds :). The next morning, I USED THE GYM..i had so much energy that I ran a 1/2 marathon on the treadmill..I wans't planning too so my time was 1:57 and I know I could have run quicker but once I hit 10 and the kids weren't up yet I decided 3.1 more wasn't that big a Family Feud was on and I had to see who won:). The kids and Adam woke up can down and we all had breakfast, including Chris and Micah. Then there was more swimming, baths and packing up. Then we all headed out to Gentry to an exotic petting zoo and safari. It was AWESOME. It was in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no advertising. The safari was a 4 mile loop and we did it twice, there was so much to see and we easily spent 2 hours driving through and stopping to look and watch animals. Then we spent another 2 hour roaming through the cages and non-caged animals and feeding them. The kids loved every single animal....but they were so captivated by the wildest of all...THE BABY KITTENS!!!!! Dear goodness we had to pull them away several times and any time we lost them they ran back to the kittens. Forget the giraffes, monkey, sheep, wolves, pigs, cows, emus, sheep, chickens, camels, horses...all of which you could feed...nope they wanted the cat!

After that we went back to the Dudgeons home and Aunt Micah made a steller dinner. The kids wrestled with Uncle Chris some and then it was bed time. The next morning we woke up and headed to church. The kids could not wait to watch their aunt and uncle and action. I was so proud to watch these two serve those kiddos. They had the whole time planned out, worship, bible study, games, check in, they interacted with all the parents and just had a  heart for those kids. It was so weird seeing Aunt Micah pop up on the big screen in church to do the announcments and see her name as MICAH DUDGEON...i still have her in my phone with her maiden name, but once again I was so proud. They are doing the most important work there is, and they are devoting their lives to it.

We got back around dinnertime on Sunday and quickly got laundry done and got ourselves ready to head back to school....we had a great Spring Break!!

Pictures to come!

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