Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break Part 2 Pictures!

Green Eggs and Ham for St. Patricks Day! Eggs, kale and nutritional yeast!

Goober and I did our own CrossFit workout...we rocked it!

Texas Tulips..this was right before the rain!

I wanted to treat dad so I grabbed this quickly for him at a gas station...little did we know it was meant just for him ;).

Swimming like little fishes at the pool at the hotel. They only wore their swimmies when they were in the deep end, otherwise they are great little swimmers!

Someone sure does love his Aunt Micah!

A CCA cougar in front of the cougars cage!

Look Aunt Micah!!!

This little pet lover fed everything, she wasn't scared at all!

Two lovebirds!

My three little blessings!

WE WERE SO STINKIN COLD but we loved every minute of it. 

They could not stop laughing at how funny the camel ride was. 


Daddy got a great shot of big girl feeding this cute goat.

Back at Onyx Coffee Shop....they had a little bit of the Harvest latte mix left..I was so excited...butternut squash and cinnamon!!! I somewhat replicated it the next day with butternut squash baby food, almond milk and coffee. 

Of course it there was wrestling with Uncle Chris!!

Watching Uncle Chris get ready for church the next morning.

She asked for sardines on her healthy pizza and ATE THE WHOLE THING!!!!

Some of the sets I am in charge of for our upcoming musical...They have come so far in just the last 2 days.

Another set piece. 

We are losing teeth left and right!!! And she has the cutest little lisp now!

I couldn't love or be more proud of my little brother. 

This recipe was inspired by a breakfast casserole that Sarah made for us in San Angelo...the bottom was roasted sweet potatoes, one egg cracked on top and some bacon. 

Our awesome dinner tonight...a chicken breast stuffed with avocado, kale, mushrooms and onions and then wrapped in bacon. It was soo stinkin juicy. Then roasted asparagus with lemon pepper!!! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!

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