Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015 Part 1

We have been going non-stop since we hit the road last Tuesday night. We drove, and when I saw "we" I mean Adam drove through the night on Tuesday night and got to his parents home on early Wednesday morning. The next several hours are a blur as some of us went back to bed while others (the rowdy ones) went ahead and started their day. We all decided around 10 to get out of the house before it started raining ....little did we know it wouldn't really every stop...for the day. I went for a nice long run and some weight and then met Lolly, Captain at the park to feed the ducks. From there they went on the library while Adam and I went to Barnes and Noble to do some light reading. Lolly let me take over her kitchen while I was there and we ate Paleo almost the entire time....besides the kids and Adam eating some treats at the great grandparents home and some biscuts for breakfast. We ate lots of good fish, spaghetti squash, sweet potato fries, eggs, turkey, real bacon and roasted veggies and fruit. We even made Santa paleo muffins for Christmas Eve...we just knew he would enjoy something healthy for a change :).

The next several days were spent at great grandparents homes surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, great aunts, grandparents, and friends. We were so thrilled that EVERYONE came to everything...the kiddos even got to meet cousins they had never met before. When they walked through the door Ribbit immediately recognized their little girls from Facebook and their Christmas cards..it was precious as they all immediately became friends and played together the rest of the time. As I always say I love how welcoming both sides of Adam's family have always been to me and my children...we have never been guests. We catch up right where we left off, I sit with the women and talk about children, fashion, food music, entertainment and laugh!!! Adam catches up with the men folk and talk about Auburn vs Alabama football, current political views, guns, hunting and whatever bowl games are coming up next. We exchanged gifts with everyone, the kids got a lot of fun toys and money...Adam and I got lots of household items, gift cards, money and some clothes. The food was overflowing and even with our new way of looking of food we had plenty of options!! The kids loved the pigs in blanket, grilled chicken wings, homemade cookies and biscuits and the carrots!!

We also got to spend some time dining and hanging out with friends from high school which is always fun.

We left for lower Alabama after church on Sunday and have been here for one full day...I will write about that in a separate post but so far two Christmas's have gone down and another big one is happening tomorrow with my moms side of the family. The only thing that could have been better this year is the weather. We are constantly HOT since I packed us all WINTER clothes, go figure and it has been in the 60s/70s. Its also been thundering/lightening plus add in some tornado warnings.Meanwhile back in Texas they are flooding, getting hail and set to get some snow.....what a weird Christmas as far as weather goes.

My kiddos favorites so far....
Goobers favorite things so far-Food at both grandparents and seeing the Star Wars movie
Ribbit-The big climbing tree at Captain and Lolly's and getting her beloved soft blanky.
Baby Boy-Playing the monster truck game on the iPad with Lolly, going to the big climbing tree
Daddy-seeing his friend Al, having all of the family together
Mommy-watching my kiddos instantly bond with cousins as if they hadn't been apart for at least 6 months and watching them build gingerbread houses

Favorite gift so far..
Goober-Cd Player and CDs
Ribbit-Soft Blanket
Baby Boy-Leap Pad 3
Daddy-Table saw
Mommy-Dixie Chick tickets

Fav Foods-
Goober-chicken wings at Nana's
Ribbit-pink biscuits that Lolly made
Baby Boy-Chocolate sea shells in my stocking
Daddy-Masala Tilapia that mommy made
Mommy-Tilapia on top of Asian salad

Here are some more pictures from our December...Christmas pictures to come later!!

Hanging the Advent Ornament as high as he can on the Jesse Tree!

A sweet childhood friend came to visit us in Dallas...she is a VERY TALENTED artist and helped my student work on their still life drawings.

We don't play when you announce that its a TACKY Christmas party!!!

Mommy look at my chapstick!!

All the kiddos drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies after caroling!

Learning how to be Daniels in a world that is just like Babylon.

We had so much fun making healthy gingerbread cookies for our Jewish neighbors. We even got Jewish cookie cutters!

Do you see the dreidel, menorah, scroll, star of David, shofar, and Hebrew letter? We had so much fun making these and delivering them!

Learning how to listen to God the first time and with full obedience!

An early Christmas present from our sweet friends. 

Waiting for the AWESOME show to begin!!! It really was fantastic, they were mesmerized the entire time!

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