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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas 2015 Part 2

I would not say that we are even close to "catching up" on anything yet from Christmas..definitely not caught up on sleep. Partially because my running buddies and I have returned to our 4:30 times, even though all of us were so enjoying sleeping in and running later over the break. Another reason is the fact that Adam and I took 19 seniors from our school to the Passion conference in Houston and actually missed the first day back at school.

So YES, the house is still fully decorated for Christmas, in fact we are 1 of 2 houses on our street who are still showing off our Christmas lights outside :). We are still finishing Advent so it feels perfectly ok to be surrounded by manger scenes, stockings and garland still.

Yes, there are still suitcases and a HUGE pile of presents in our bedroom that need to be sorted. Hey kids, need clean underwear?..come search through the pile? Want your pocketknife Goober?..Sort through the pile. Momma had to HAVE her new running gloves today so last night I sorted through the pile. The pile will slowly disappear but only when sleeping, eating, showering and working aren't going to be happening the very next this rate our goal is MLK weekend :).

Yes, I just now put two Christmas cards in the mail....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

But Yes, Christmas was great, especially since we didn't go home last year. We were surrounded by ALL of our family members..minus 2 :( on my side. We played, ate, laughed, cheered Auburn onto victory with other alumni, cooked, bowled and cuddled with our families and friends.

And Yes, Passion was so worth it. Adam got the stomach bug the say before we were supposed to leave Alabama so for about 12 hours there things were unsure. I am so glad though that it was just a 24 hour thing because Passion was amazing. The bands and speakers were inspiring and led us to the throne in both singing and actions as a part of worship. We got to encourage and be encouraged by the seniors at our school. We got to overhaul our New Years Plans and Goals and allow God to have more control of our daily schedule...which we implemented right when we returned. I'll share more on Passion later but here are some highlights from the time we spent with my parents.

We spent our very first night there opening presents with them, which was fun but made me miss my first time to ever do Christmas separated from him. Everyone was thrilled with what they received and by the time we finished opening gifts it was bedtime.

That very next morning we had breakfast with my Aunt Robin and Uncle Carl. They are a pure joy to be around, always encouraging, full of love and just fun to be around. I LOVED every weekend I spent at their home when I was younger and my kids love to see them as much as possible. We ate, opened gifts, laughed, watched Robin and Goober play checkers, caught up on life and enjoyed the company.

I spent the rest of the day with my bestie from college working out, shopping and eating sushi later on that night.

The next day we celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family..complete with cousins, new grand babies, great grandparents and uncles. It was so much fun to have an infant around and watch my younger cousins parent so well. It was also extremely comforting to sit and play cards for doesn't feel like a good visit home unless I smack talk my extended family over a game of spades or hearts. Its even better now that all of the spouses (except mine :)) love playing too and then add in my 11 year old and we are a big loud group. We normally start playing cards around 3 and don't end until someone is ready to drop...sometimes even midnight.

The last two days we spent with friends,  working out, cheering on our Auburn tigers and catching up with who is having their third baby, who is working where, who is moving and then just hashing out some political views, school woes for our babies and how parenting has changed us all. Its so good to be "your people"...they get you.

Like I said before Adam got pretty sick overnight towards the end so he spent the last 24 hours in the bathroom and in bed. I drove the majority of the way home but he had rebounded by then and we left for Houston the next day for Passion.

Pictures to come soon. But here are our favorites from the second part of our vacation.

Favorite thing we did.
Goober-Play Chess and play at the park
Ribbit-Play Old Maid and Roller Skating
Baby Boy-Roller Skating and Swimming (indoor)
Me-Play PacMan with my sweet family of 5 on the basketball court at the park with my dad watching and laughing and Playing cards with my family
My Dad-When we all came to visit him at work, Bowling with grandkids
My Mom-playing bean boozed (seriously so funny, we played at all 4 Christmas exchanges and watching the kids sing karaoke

Favorite Food
Goober-Uncle Masons buffalo dip and the hamburger at the bowling alley
Ribbit-Aunt Robin's star shaped brownies and Nana's chocolate pudding pie
Baby Boy-Sweet potato fries and Aunt Destiny's snickerdoodle cookies
My Mom-My butternut squash hash and Robin's conecuh sausage
My Dad-The bowling alley hamburger, I would also say he enjoyed the Pecan Pie by the large piece he devoured :)
Me-the Christmas ham and a medley of roasted veggies that I ate for dinner and breakfast

Favorite gift
Goober-his new subscription to Sports Illustrated for Kids
Ribbit-Her puppy pals diary
Baby Boy-the Karaoke machine
Me-My birch box subscription
My Mom-her handprint plate from my kiddos
My Dad-his vest that matches the ones I got Adam and Baby Boy

Adam was heaving as we were collecting our favorites...sorry honey :). Pictures to be posted soon!

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