Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas in North Alabama in pictures

Exploring an old hardware store..lots of treasures here. 

Showing us how to hold his gum cigar..oh gracious.

I can't believe I have to sit between my two siblings...GAG

Papa showing him how to play a jaw this picture.

Cousins all gathering for Dirty Santa!

Wesley handed everyone their gift and said "merry christmas". Sweet boy!

Spider Man walkie talkies..he had literally just asked for these!

Cousins/Buddies and AUBURN FANS!

Nannie showing off her plate of our three kiddos handprints.

Not a bad dirty santa gift eh?

Popping crackers to see whats inside!

Playing Pie Face with all the little cousins..they had a blast!

She thought her eye patch was stinking hilarious!

Love these people and the way they love my family!

Christmas morning 2016!!

No prompts given..just being silly with Captain and Lolly while we waited to open gifts.

LEAD PAD 3!!!!! They LOVE these things!!!

Handmade wreaths for the mommas this year.

Aunt Erika and Jason showing off their Home sign and new jacket....wrapped up Baby Boy in a  burrito!

Debbie got lots of scarves and swimsuit cover ups..she looked like  a whirling dervish!

The story behind this blanket cracks me up..she cried over not getting this blanket at Dirty Santa the night before..little did she know that Santa had already left her the same one under the tree...she has thanked God for this blanket in every prayer since!

Harvell family is growing!

Matching Auburn gear for the brothers

Making edible mice to take to Nana's House!

Silly Christmas picture!!

Their first time to meet Selah!!! They were instant buds. Ribbit said " i know her from the computer"..meaning Facebook :).

Uncle Rickis chicken wings were a huge hit!

The great grand babies!!!!! All together for once!

Nana looking at her new pictures of the great grandkids. Nana gave me the most beautiful winter scarf this year..Thanks Nana!

Flying drones with Uncle Rusty and Selah

Catching up with cousin Kristy.

Making Paleo muffins for Santa on Christmas Eve..he devoured them ;)

Feeding the ducks on a rainy day.

Climbing their favorite tree in Lolly and Captain's neighborhood. The neighbors get upset if they kids don't come climb their tree every year :). They ask to do this at least once every day when we are there!

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