Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Texas Christmas in pictures

Setting out some chocolates for Santa...we weren't quite prepared for him to come that night but were figured he would like any dessert!!

The next morning looking at their books, clothes and headphones!

Someone was super happy to see his Star Wars headphones!

Ninja Turtle headphones!

I made each kiddo a wall hanging with a verse for their life on it. Romans 12:9, Romans 12:10 and Psalms 16:11

Helping daddy open up his new razor

Momma had just got back from a run and as luck would have it Santa gave her lots of running gear...a lot is needed when you run in the dark :). I AM SET NOW THOUGH!

Chewbacca horseshoes...I think he may have worn these every day since. 

Showing off their new house shoes.

Showing off their matching manly vest!

After breakfast we opened stockings and Star War tattoos were all the rage!

He may kill me but these my friends are his first pair of non whitey tighties...hey, pre-teens need different underwear then mere children.

This photo was taken after I choked up, cried, thought of a 1000 college memories that include the Dixie Chicks and quick asked Adam "you aren't going with me right?", I am an awful wife..dont' worry he didn't have plans to go with me anyways. AUG 5th 2016...DIXIE CHICKS

Santa also brought this preteen skinny jeans...he opened them and said " now I can look like Uncle Chris"...he then held a fashion show.

We loaded up in the van later on that night and made the long trek to Alabama to begin Christmas with the grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends...Santa's headphones allowed Mommy and Daddy some sanity!!! Doesn't he look like a pre-teen? :)

Until a big scary monster came on the movie and he requested to hold hands with his mommy for the next 30 minutes..gladly sweet baby boy, gladly!!

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