Sunday, December 6, 2015

Did you know?

I had a recipe pinned on pinterest....YEAH!!!

Baby Boy is an excellent bowler?

I could eat peas in every meal and never get enough? Peas in my egg whites, tofu noodles and dried in trail mix!!!

I got a henna tattoo? My student designed a henna that told the life of Christ and then she applied it over 65 minutes.

My family LOVES gyros!!! Lamb/chicken/fish...anything with tzatiki!!

I make butternut squash soup every other weekend. Its just cooked squash, carrots, garlic and hot and sour broth. I top it with fat free sour cream. I like it a little chunky!!

We are starting to move towards a Paleo/Whole Foods diet? This was my first attempt at baking Paleo..which is super hard but MY KIDS loved these molasses/ginger cookies with cranberries and oatmeal!

That my oldest has received about 7/8 Daniel Merits this year? He is working hard, serving others and loving on his neighbors!

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