Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What we are learning

We are learning a whole lot over here about how God intended for us to eat.

We are learning that He gave us everything we need to survive, nuts, fats, meat, veggies and fruits. We are learning that these things TASTE good and are super filling!!!
We are learning that we can eat and be full for 3-4 hours if we include protein in every meal.
We are learning that reading ingredients is key...not just calories like I had previously done...but ingredients, the smaller the list the better. A bag of peanuts should say "peanuts" for the ingredients, not sugars, syrups, salts..its crazy.
We are learning that meats should be vegan fed and very low processing. This means that meat only makes up a 1/4 of our meal since its expensive but then we fill up on roasted veggies, fats, fruits and nuts.
We are learning that processed food actually does have an addictive power to it and that we will crave it for a while.
We are learning that mommy can cook only one meal for everyone and we will all love it.
We are learning that our splurging will take place at birthday parties or when we are invited to other peoples home.
We are learning that every disease, skin problem, headache, chronic illness, etc starts and end with how you feed and treat your body.
I wish we would have known this sooner. I wish I would have been interested in our health and nutrition earlier.
My kiddos health is something they can't buy so I want them to know what being "healthy" looks like..not being skinny but being healthy and being able to know that God really does provide us with all we need to eat.

We are also learning a lot through advent.
We are learning that Habakkuk cried out to God over the sins of others, ...we should be mournful over our sin and the sins of others but know that Jesus is coming to rescue us.
We are learning that miracles are still all around us, as Advent reminds us of the small miracles in our life every day. Goober reminded us that our family being put together is a miracle, Yup! That lead to us reminding Baby Boy that he grew in another mommy's belly but then she gave him to us.....with a very serious look he responded "No, I don't think so".
We are learning that John the Baptist was like thunder in the desert, loudly proclaiming the coming of the Lord, and we should be doing the same.
We are learning that God saw a beautiful heart in Mary and we too should be more worried about our hearts than how we feel we look like on the outside.

Advent is such a great time of year, as the kids look forward to celebrating Jesus birthday and reading from the bible every night. I love that every story in the Old and New Testament points us to Jesus, it all reminds us of our deep ugliness and our need to be rescued. I love how our new Advent Book refers to Jesus as the "Son-King"...reminding us that he was both God and Man and that he was being obedient to the Father.

At a birthday party at Build A Bear..this little thing was in stuffed animal heaven. 

Hanging with Santa at the Roanoke Christmas Celebration

Having a Lion King moment with the newest addition to our Sunday School group!

An attempt to take a selfie while we were out caroling to neighbors with our Sunday School group.

Oh what talented kiddos! Ribbit had artwork chosen to represent our school in a local competition. Goober gave a Christmas concert as part of the strings group at our school!

A look at a day of Paleo meals.
Breakfast-real bacon, eggs with avocado on top, and half an orange
Lunch-Cabbage, Lean turkey, roasted veggies, homemade salsa and avocado on top
Dinner-Blackened tilapia, roasted asparagus, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes.
The kids ate all of this, never asking for ketchup or a snack in between to keep them full!

Mommy got to attend all 3 Christmas parties this year at school!

Daddy, I mean Buddy the Elf taking these kiddos on a light tour around our city. 

Adding the advent ornament to our Jesse Tree with advice from little brother.

Being tacky with my tacky bestie at a christmas party!

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