Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving Recap

I have wanted to write this since we got back from Arkansas on Sunday night but we have been slammed since arrival.

Sunday afternoon was spent doing laundry, unpacking and catching up on things that needed to be done for school the next day.

Monday night I took my Honor Society to a packing warehouse for Operation Christmas Child. This is my third year and I love it more and more every year.

Tuesday I had a musical production meeting, I am heading up sets again this year for "Crazy for you".

Last night I led a painting party for 60 of our teachers and staff at school...TALK ABOUT FUN. I  knew that I worked with the best teachers but had no clue that they were also super TALENTED!!!

Therefore, Adam has had the kids all three nights and so tonight he finally got to go work on the kitchen remodel he is helping with. Since I am planning on being in bed no later than 8 the kids are eating popcorn, watching Wild Kratts Christmas and we just busted it for 2 hours to get everything done for school, lunches packed, rooms cleaned and Advent done so we can crash!!!

Anyways, our THANKSGIVING rocked.....Thanks to Uncle Chris and Aunt Micah. I really can't think of anything that I wish we would have done differently. It would have been nice if it hadn't of dumped rain the whole time but that meant that we moved the fun indoors and got to cuddle under blankets even more.

We drove up Tuesday and after work we met them at Hammon Trees for some stellar grilled cheese sandwiches..the kids loved their was pretty stinking good. Then we played in the free arcade until we were completely caught up on pinball for a whole other year!!

Wednesday we woke up, went swimming :) and headed to Fayetteville. Chris and Micah had to work some so we took the kids on a self guided tour of Univ of Arkansas. We got into the coliseum on accident which was really neat...then we toured the football museum and looked around the other common areas. We then hiked for about 1.5-2 hours up Sequoyah Mountain which I have to say was one of my favorite times. The kids did great and except for Isaiah needing to be carried for about 1/2 the hike they were all great little climbers. I enjoyed holding little monkey while hiking and I also I put him down when I did because next thing you know I landed on my rear after preaching to the kids about taking it slow and watching your every step. They loved hiking and we found a neat old cabin, waterfall and saw some great views. We met one of my CCA art alumni for lunch at JJ's in Fayetteville and had fun catching up with her..she is one of my most favorite alumni to hang out with because she is honest, loving and genuinely interested in my life.

From there we headed to Cabelas to look at the animals and then to HoneyBaked Ham to grab our ham of thanksgiving. We met Micah and Chris there and made dinner plans for their house about an hour out. That night Aunt Micah made us poppyseed chicken casserole (a huge crowd pleaser) and green beans.

The next day we woke up, went swimming, and then headed over to Chris and Micah's for some fun and food. Micah made sweet potato casserole, almond strawberry salad, mac and cheese, rolls and a blueberry pie. We added the ham and the meal was was such a low stress day and we ended it with the boys and kids watching football and wrestling while Micah and I headed out to do some early Black Friday shopping. We shopped, talked, shopped, talked and shopped some more until we were dog tired. IT WAS GREAT!!!

On Friday we woke up, went swimming (see a pattern), packed up the hotel room and headed to meet Chris and Micah at JJ's (we really like it and kids eat free) for lunch. From there they took us to the Amazeum, which is a new kids museum in was fantastic and were there for around 4 hours. We left there and all headed to get some ice cream. Dinner was picking at leftover all night while we watched bowl games and played. We stayed the night at Chris and Micah's that night.

Saturday we woke up and headed into downtown Bentonville so they could show us one of their favorite coffee was so stinking good..I got the Harvest Latte with butternut and pumpkin flavors. We toured downtown Bentonville a little and then headed to the Crystal Bridges art museum. Bentonville is home to the WalMart headquarters and therefore many things are sponsored by Walmart or the Waltons. Mrs. Walton collected all of this art and then had this museum built so that people can tour it for free for FOREVER. It was awesome..with pieces from Cassatt, Bierstadt and O'Keefe. The kids had an art area that they loved, momma too! Then we made a memory game by carving pictures into foam and stamping them. We only saw about 1/3 of the museum and we were there for about 3 hours. We only left because we needed food and the Iron Bowl was about to begin.
We watched the sad Iron Bowl and I made chicken alfredo and peanut butter pie for dinner. We ended the evening with football, cuddles, pearler beads and wrestling.

We woke up the next morning, cleaned up and headed out as they headed to church. We were so sad to leave, including Ribbit who had 3/4 meltdowns. We all agreed that we already missed one another but we were so glad to have spent so much time together, laughing, talking, discussing current issues, enjoying football and eating!!!

I have to say that I did great at keeping my exercise and calories under control. The hotel had a gym and I used it!
Wednesday-5 mile outdoor run in Rogers
TH-10 mile run on the treadmill at hotel
Fri-1 hour strength circuit in hotel gym
Sat-4 miles in Chris and Micahs neighborhood
Sun-3 miles on treadmill when we got home due to rain

At the hotel breakfast I had oatmeal and fruit or Raisin Bran for my meals. I also took my own cereals and Advocare bars. For thanksgiving I had my own sweet potato just baked in the oven, 2 slices of ham and a big plate of salad...which allowed me to THOROUGHLY enjoy Micah's blueberry pie later on!! I made myself spaghetti squash chicken alfredo instead of eating regular noodles on Saturday night and when we ate out I either got a salad or wrap and only ate half.

I'll upload pictures later...I AM SOOO TIRED!!

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