Friday, May 23, 2014

Sweet Girl

My sweet Ribbit. You are constantly talking or singing. You want everyone's full attention when you are doing either. If you sing a song and then decide that you have a "different" way to sing it you wait until everyone is watching you before performing. You aren't afraid to sing or dance in front others and you do everything quite dramatically.

You are very emotional right now and can cry at anything. You love people and animals very easily and hand out kisses constantly. You love to act like the mommy and tuck me into bed while singing. You love to ask me questions about when you can be a mommy when you get big. You always say "awwww" when you see something cute and you die laughing when one of your brothers is acting silly.

You are finally understanding adoption. You talk about your birthmom and how she had you and then you think me and daddy watched you and wanted you to be our baby :). You talk about how I had only two babies for a while and then Baby Boy was born and we "dopted" him too. You ask if your birthmom held you or sang to you, if she played with you, if she sang.

In the mornings when I get dressed and close my door you always know to knock to come in. When I ask who it is you yell your full name as if your first name wasn't enough. You demand snuggles from both parents almost every night. You point out everything that you think is not fair and you feel as if anything pink or purple automatically belongs to you.

You are starting to come to big church with us and you love to clap and sing during worship. Your favorite songs are "God's not dead" and "fishers of men" and you sing them claim they are our songs on the video (radio) in our car. You love to dress yourself and 99% of the time its so stinking cute and girly that i don't change things....except when you put on gloves, high heels and your swimsuit this winter.

You are THE MESSIEST CHILD. Your room is NEVER CLEAN...never even where you can walk through it. You would rather me throw all your toys away then clean your room. You claim you are "so tired" when we ask you to clean it. You say that different parts of your body "hurt very badly" when we ask you to help with anything around the house....except cooking or helping me get things on the table for and your siblings fight over that.

You pray beautifully. I love that all 3 of my kiddos beg to pray at dinner and have specific requests that they pray for consistently until God gives us an answer. I love that you pray for "Bennett to come alive with the angels in heaven" now that he has passed. You talk about God non-stop and how he made us and how he wants us to live with him when we die. You are a beautiful child, flawless skin and beautiful ringlet curls. Your daddy is so stinking worried about you already :).

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