Sunday, May 4, 2014

Grandparent Visit

So while the grandparents were here we did A LOT!

We went to an Easter festival and watched eggs fall out of a helicopter. The kids made easter basket cookies with CC. We all went to church together 2 or 3 times.The kids went outside A LOT with Papa and looked at ants, stomped on ants, identified new species of ants. They got picked up every day from school and got to walk home with grandparents. They ate lunch almost daily with CC and CC got to go to chapel and art class with Ribbit. The kids finally had their grandparents here on Grandparents Day and they got to give them presents, perform for them and go home early! They got to eat a lot more fact the day after they left Goober went to the nurse complaining of an upset stomach....Adam said "ah, he is just coming down off his sugar high " :). My parents got to go with me to the Fine Arts Banquet and watch me fumble through my awards. They all got bedtime stories, extra snuggles and lots of extra early morning motorcycle racing with Papa. In fact, now anytime a motorcycle is within 20 miles of us all three kids start searching for Papa..Baby Boy points to them and says "MY MOTORCYCLE" very instantly. I took him shopping for more summer clothes and the first thing he spotted was a motorcycle shirt and he held it up and said "see mommy, like Papa!".

My parents and I right after the Fine Arts Banquet.
Riding Papa....the Frog Monster!!
The kiddos with their Easter books. Every Easter in their baskets they find books that reflect on the last year of their life. I wanted to start this tradition with them since Easter is the first big holiday we all spent together as a family! So far, the older ones have 3 books and Baby Boy is on his 2nd.
My mom and I with the kiddos on Easter morning.
Mrs. Diva showing off!
CCwith the kiddos, Papa got a kidney stone while he was here and it kicked in Easter morning :(
Easter morning family picture!

Our friends who have been struggling as they watch their 23 month old deal with a very rare form of cancer informed everyone that they thought he only had weeks to live. Ribbit said " then I will pray that God will heal him, and if not then when he dies he will wake up and get to be with God and the angels".
Their son died the very next morning. I am so thankful for a Savior who would give his life so that neither I nor my children have to fear death....and that we will get to be with God and angels for eternity with no more pain or suffering or mourning!!

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