Friday, May 16, 2014

Big Man

We had a family photography session about a month ago and I wanted to write a personal post for each one of my precious kiddos to go along with the fantastic pictures.

My Big Man will start 4th grade next year and is turning 10 in June. Double digits. How on earth did that happen. I remember how little he was on his Homecoming Day and how he lacked a whole lot of teeth. I remember how he made up all kinds of rules to the game of Uno and how he still makes up rules as he goes about Pokemon cards and Beyblades. He loves to play any kind of card/board game and wants to learn games that are far beyond his age.

He loves all things baseball/football and basketball. He asks us quite regularly "what do you want me to do when I grow up?" We always say "whatever God asks you do". Then he says "yeah, but if you got to choose between football and baseball which one?" which mom answers "baseball --less contact". He ALWAYS has a ball in his hands, ALWAYS. He throws to himself if no one is around to throw with him. He still loves to dramatize every catch and fall and flip and act as if he is just won the superbowl. In fact at one of his last football games he ran a touchdown and SPIKED the ball with both hands when he got there :).

He scores exceptionally well in science and math. Since everything is a competition to him, reading and spelling get lower grades, but only because he doesn't read for comprehension and he doesn't want to slow down to study spelling. He actually scored off the charts in economics this past year...???. He is very creative and loves to learn how to make art projects and draw.

He is a friend to all. In their 3rd grade class each person made a page about all of the other students telling them what is special about them and drawing a picture to go along with it. Almost every student complimented Goober and how good a friend he is to them. The girls said that the included them and wanted to play with both boys and girls. The boys said that he is nice and fair. EVERY child drew him with a huge afro and big circle glasses :), and a BIG GRIN!

He loves to watch movies on anything....especially animals and cars. He is into anything Disney and can watch the same movie 45 times in a row. He loves to make things on his loom and make lego machines. He loves to read, especially books about dragons or boys who play sports. We clean out his toys for yard sales pretty regularly and he will easily give up toys, but hardly ever books! He loves for me to read to him out of book about famous animals in history!

He eats everything. He almost always will tell me "mom, thanks for making me lunch/breakfast/dinner/snack" as we are sitting down at the table. He thinks I am the best cook and is always willing to help me stir, get drinks, lay out plates. He likes spicy things, any meat, any sort of sauce and casseroles. He eats more then I do at almost every meal. At Chic Fil A he orders the adult meal and most of the time finishes it, and cleans up his siblings meals :).

He takes out the trash and recycling bin almost daily. He is learning to load the dishwasher and unload it--even though he gags. He knows how to sweep the kitchen, clean his toilet and wipe down the table after dinner. He is a huge help when we are packing to go somewhere, when we are grocery shopping or when its just one parent and the kiddos. He loves knowing things that they babies don't know...anything to make him feel older and special!

He still says "HeyMan" at the end of prayers. He still thinks that its "miles pre hour" and that its totally normal to pay with things in pennies. He loves to be chased and tickled. He loves to have his head and neck rubbed during church. He likes to have his back scratched before going to bed. He likes to go on walks and do exercises with us. He likes to pull "pranks" on us or outsmart us with his newly learned knowledge of rhinos or tiger sharks.

He is starting to remember some things a little more clearly about his past. He remembered the other day that his aunt used to make tamales and that he had gone to a theater to see his very first Disney movie. He remembers some things about Ribbit when she was a baby and how she interacted with his birth family. He loves to pray for people and thank God for giving us "great days".

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