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Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer Break

We have been counting down for so long and we made it! Today is our first day of summer break and we have already had a play date at the park in some beautiful weather, a picnic lunch and made banana pudding :).

The last two weeks of school were busy with end of year plays and concerts and Mothers Day. My family completely spoiled me for Mothers Day. I am always looking for a locket that has 3 spaces for my 3 kiddos picture. Instead Adam got me a necklace with 3 individual lockets on it. Then I got a month of healthy eating, part of a health system that I have been wanting to try. I also was surprised to find that Adam had booked a babysitter and took me out for sushi and a play!

We are gearing up for Disney World in less than a week and I am constantly double checking and adding to my packing list. I think its going to be wonderful and can't wait to see my kids faces!!

Goober is very nervous about starting 4th grade next year. We met with all the 4th grade teachers and they start to rotate classes next year and the homework amount goes up drastically. They even encourage the students to do all of the homework themselves...HALLELUJAH...however, we will have to work up to that. If one of us doesn't help then normally the studying doesn't happen!

Ribbit can't stop talking about how much she can't wait to be in kindergarten!! She was very excited to also know that she can still go give her others teachers hugs if she sees them next year. She had a much better year towards the end and her behavior improved significantly....she even got a DANIEL AWARD and got to be on stage during chapel!

Baby Boy is SOOO advanced! He talks in full sentences, he knows his schedule. He is constantly asking "what dat monny". We have gone to being called monny because apparently mommy takes too much effort when you talk non-stop all day. He loves to be outside and begs to go in the "back and front yard" all the time to either swing, ride his bike or scooter or watch the "diggers". The diggers are anyone working on or around our home. We have been having yard work done, a sprinkler system put on and then several neighbors have had work as well. He runs to the windows and yells "HEYDO DIGGERS" anytime anyone is outside our house :).

Now that summer is here we also have a long to do list on the house.

-Complete the bathroom (order glass for shower, put in toilet and vanity).
-Complete landscaping and back patio, maybe purchase a pergola
-Put in hardwood flooring in living room
-Finish foyer (thats my personal project and after scraping that ceiling I will never do it again!)
-Paint living room
-Reupholster 2 chairs and 2 footstools
-Paint master (maybe stencil one focal wall)
-Finish painting all trim in the house ultra white (my other personal job-I'm about 33% done).

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