Saturday, May 3, 2014

Summer Countdown

It has begun...we are at 6 "real" school days....3 1/2 days of exams, 3 in-service days and then....OFF TO DISNEY WORLD!!!

Goober comes home and announces how many days we have left daily. Its obvious everywhere you look on campus....artwork is being sent home, kids are studying for final exams, teachers are looking exhausted and the biggest sign....all of the students clothes are too short and too tight :).

This is the time of year when I really re-think my goals for next year. I tend to start off the year with very grand plans and sign up to do and volunteer for everything only to realize that everything I volunteer with coincides with the end of the year when I have nothing left and I always kick myself for it. It gets so bad that I sometimes double or triple book myself or my family....yes I do use a calendar but for some reason not everything ends up on it.

The kids are very excited about their summer....they have picked out their summer camps, cleaned out the winter clothes from their wardrobe (although we still need jackets in the morning) and talk about Disney daily! They are also thinking forward to the grade they will be in next year....Goober in 4th, Ribbit in kindergarten and Baby Boy has one more year of daycare until he can join us in the PK3 class.

We are also in mourning over the grandparents leaving...Baby Boy still wakes up at night looking for Papa. We will see both sides a lot this summer as we plan on making a 3 week trek (sans Adam) to Alabama in July.

Here are some pictures of our crazy life lately.

Recent art competition....Hand sculpture project with plaster. This sweet girl got a superior ribbon and a silver medal!!!! She also won my service award this year.
This young man won a superior ribbon at this competition and a 3rd place ribbon at another competition for this piece!
This super talented young lady won superior at this competition, honorable mention at another competition for the same piece and won my Honor Award for the year with the highest average in my Introduction to Art class all year!
This young man won a superior ribbon, a gold medal and 4th place at another competition with this piece!
This young lady (who will be part of my family soon .....hint hint wink wink) brother is dating her older sister....won a superior ribbon and a bronze medal for this plexiglass etch with watercolor background!
This young lady won a superior ribbon and a bronze medal for this beautiful drawing!
This young lady won a superior ribbon and bronze medal for her photoemulsion silkscreen!

I'll post more pictures tonight!!! I'm backing up everything on my phone so I can erase them all and have plenty of room for Disney pictures!

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