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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hanging out

We had a good long Easter weekend. Went to a Good Friday service with my parents, went to local Easter celebration, watched 10,000 eggs being dropped from a helicopter, dyed eggs (and their bodies) and had our own egg hunt. Now we are back into the school routine but with added benefits of CC and Papa being able to go on field trips, pick up the kiddos from school and have extra playtime at home.

Ribbit has made some grand observations likes "papa has more hair on his belly than Daddy" and "Uncle Chris was not here as long as CC and Papa are staying here".

Goober has told them they can't move close to us because then the visits wouldn't be as special!

Baby Boy has charmed them by grabbing their face and saying "tag your it" and asking them to "nuggle him" every night before bed.

Having fun at a birthday party!
Always on the move.
Getting some air!
Hanging out with his buds....he can play dodgeball for 2 solid hours, come home and pass out for 2 solid hours :)
Getting all the girls attention!
Playing around of their favorite things to do is ride the skateboard down our driveway!

The rest of the school year is full of award ceremonies, concerts, end of the year parties, testing, birthday parties and field trips. The kids are still getting excited about Disney...slowly :)

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