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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Countdown to Summer

I wrote this about 2 weeks ago and never remembered to post it...WOOOPPSS

You can definitely tell its almost summer...especially at our school. The kids wear uniforms and by the end of the year all the boys pants are too short and the girls skirts are too tight. BUT, no one is going to buy a new $50 skirt or $40 pair of pants for 7 we all just grin and look the other way.

You can also tell by how many days the fine arts teachers are missing. We go to several competitions, some of them lasting 2 days and we try to sneak in those field trips now that the weather is nice and we can paint/ draw outside.

You can also tell because the teachers are counting down the days, maybe not out loud but definitely in our head. I'm actually counting down to Disney, but same thing.

Our Uncle Chris is on his way here right now! Its his spring break and once again he is coming to spend it with us. The kids don't know but hopefully he will be here when they wake up from their naps..if they ever actually fall asleep.

Adam and I are plugging away at the house. I have made our foyer my personal project and so far I have painted all of the wood trim semi-gloss bright white and have 3/4 of the walls painted Cincinnati Cinnamon Beige....something neutral since I have lots of the kids painting and a bright green cubby in there. I also found an awesome 70s looking YELLOW chandelier at a antique store today that we are going to hang. Oh, and I have scraped 3/4 of the ceiling..its recessed so there are two levels but some of it is giving me a hard time. Hopefully I can have it all scraped, sanded and painted in the next 2 weeks.

Adam is still plugging away on the bathroom...I feel like it will never be done. Nothing against Adam but he does work full time, we do have lives on the weekends and there are sooo many tile cuts to be made. I think his most productive time will be this summer when the kids and I are in Alabama and football/basketball season isn't upon us :).

Ribbit continues to do pretty well at school, getting 3 stickers this week. Goober is ready to go to school every day since they are hatching chicks....we get an update daily of which eggs are cracking and which ones are shaking. Baby Boy is still plugging away on potty training, doing well most of the time but still loving to tell us he has pooped after the fact.

I have been a part of the "Keepers" bible study for women at our church and so far I have loved every bit of it. However, I started to develop an attitude of resentment towards it two weeks ago as it was giving me all kinds of challenges towards my husband. Things that I should make time for for him, things that I should do for him daily, things I should do without him asking me to do for him. I thought to myself "well when is he gonna take a bible study and learn what to do for me?". I know, super christian right. However, the last two Sundays are pastor has BROUGHT IT. He is preaching towards the men of the church and is boldly challenging them to be biblical men.....demanding them to step up and leave their needs at the door. I promised God I would stop being such a diva and let him deal with Adam now :).

Check out Mr. Man saying "War Eagle" in his new Auburn outfit from Lolly and Captain!
We never go to this grocery store so when we ran in real fast he begged to ride the "big truck".
Sister wanted to be fashionable for our camping trip so we put two glitter tattoos on. Those things lasted the whole trip, through showers, wind, bedtime...I had to scrub them off for school!
A little snack with friends while Daddy finishes up inside. Why yes we do bring our Auburn doormat with us :)
Singing and dancing in the tent, you know to break it in!

I'll post more pictures later!

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