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Sunday, April 13, 2014


Since so much happened in two weeks I'll post pictures and maybe let that jog my memory!

Selfies in the tent with momma!

Our campsite....complete with field for running/ long driveway for scooters/ christmas lights for mood :) and a few extra kids!

This is only 5 of the 10 kiddos who were waiting for dinner!
Hanging out in the hammock!
Drinking some YooHoos! They always remind me of my Papa Coleman and they all the fun trips into town we took! We ALWAYS got Yoo Hoos and sang songs!
Nobody posed this child for this picture....he is just that stinkin cute on his own!
Looking for birdies!
Skipping rocks on the beach area.
Finding shapes in the clouds with Daddy.
Chilling in the hammock with Daddy!
Storytime with Mrs. Sarah...thats my kid with the bike helmet on. This was right after our kickball game and everyone needed some down time and drinks!

Someone really enjoyed her smores!
too tired to even worry about looking pretty!

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