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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Both of my parents on their way here!!!!...That means some extra sleep for MOM AND DAD ;). Maybe even a date night :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, we get to see our family :).

Here is my post from yesterday...

I was hoping to post the video of my kids reaction to finding out that we are going to Disney World on facebook today.
However, no one wants to see Goober drop to his knees and sob "but I don't want to drive that far", while Adam sarcastically says "bud, ill take one for the team and drive", while Baby Boy screams "tell diggers outside" as he yells at the men putting in our sprinklers to "stop tearing garden up", while Ribbit gets in a fight with her brother over whether Mickey or Minnie are the best, gets spanked, then has a fit, falls off the couch backwards, smacks her head and screams like a banshee.
It was truly a magical moment.

So that is that..maybe they will get more excited as the time gets closer. Who knows?

This is a ceramic set I made for our schools musical "Beauty and the Beast". They auctioned it off and it made $500!!!!

Here we are at the musical...Ribbit was dressed as Belle. Baby Boy had a babysitter because he has a hard time sitting still :)

Here we are at the Tea with Belle and friends afterwards. Goober wanted to come so he could meet Gaston!
Ribbit and Mrs. Potts!
Gaston analyzing Goober's muscles :)
Goober and Lumiere
Goober, the prince, Belle and Ribbit...Ribbit got onto the prince for being mean to Belle when he was the beast!
Fun times for all and good food!

Maybe having this experience will make them super excited to see Belle and the Beast at Disney...maybe?

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