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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Superman with powers

Thats what Baby Boy has been calling himself " I superman with POWERS"...his powers are making ninja moves and running at you really fast. He also will warn you if something is "too dangerous" to do...such as drinking milk when you really want water :). He loves asking ANYONE "what are you doing?, in any situation and with a slight German accent.

He can count to 10 all by himself, he can sing a lot of the ABCs. He is "Anna" while sister is singing "Elsa" and he knows most of the lines in the song " do you want to build a snowman". He is dramatic at everything he does, including night night time. He says things like "its too dark in my woom", or "i'm too crazy for night night" or "maey, i just can't". He wants everyone to "nuggle" him at night and every night like clockwork he yells for me and ask to 'nuggle" around 2 until we wake up :).

He loves to play ball with his brother, any type of ball. He will play cars or wrestle with a stuffed animal. He loves to go tee tee outside and we are finally staying dry all day in big boy underwear. He loves to wear his rain boots and go "outside to dig". Out of all 3 kiddos he is most helpful helping mommy and daddy dig and move things in the yard for long periods of time. He loves to show you his boo boos and bug bites.

He loves to yell his name and age. In fact on our recent trip to Disney World he was sitting up front at a kids show with his brother and all the other kids. The parents were seated not to far behind them. Anytime the host asked a question you could hear him yell out his whole name and he was so stinking proud of himself.....he didn't possibly think that they would want to know anything else but that.

He is quite aware of "naked". He yells at anyone who is showing any skin and says "ewwww naked". This has caused some very awkward times for mommy while in Target. He also loves to announce anything that goes on in the bathroom like "big poops" and "your butt butt is big" and "naked tummy" which makes public restrooms and trying on clothes very fun.

He will go until he crashes, staying up through all kinds of things long after his siblings are passed out. He loves movies and singing. He loves when Daddy gets home and telling him "but I miss you". He loves being held and is constantly saying "maey pwease hold me"...when I do he always fidgets with whatever necklace or earrings I have on and says "pretty". What a wonderful addition to our family....we never thought in a million years that you would bring this much laughter and joy to our lives.

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