Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Magic Kingdom-Day 4

As I said before we visited Magic Kingdom twice since its the biggest park. We didn't even see 1/2 of it the first day so it was great to go back..plus we booked the kids dress up events for this day as well.
Someone was "very tired" and need donuts in bed to start his day off right....I think we were all getting worn down by Day 4 :)
Goober wanted us to pose for this picture, as if he was tooo tired to get going that morning :)
This of course led little sister to want to do the exact same thing!
1st ride for Goober was the speedway!
Such a boy ride!!!
Trying to figure out how to work this contraption! (an antique fire engine)
both of the littles playing on the engine!

After riding the tea cups some more we ventured over to DUMBO!!! Kissy faces!
He tried his hardest but that sword is STUCK!!
Back on the teacups!!!!
Pin Faster Mahey! Pin Faster Mahey!!!!
Its a Small World ride....a little creepy I must say!
My attempt to get a picture of the boys on Splash Mountain...don't worry, Memory Maker got a much better picture!!

Then we were off for Goob's dress up event..PIRATES. Here he is finding out his new pirate name...Mark Plankgunn
Checking out his new pirate tattoos!!

Of course he wanted to look at scary as possible...so he chose to be a dead zombie pirate....awesome.
Being announced to all the other pirates!
He was then taken through a secret passageway to get some treasure, a sword and see some secret pirate things...all of those pictures are on memory maker. He was pretty stoked!!!
And then he got to be in a pirate parade!
Sister was next....she was off to visit her Fairy Godmother at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!!! I let her pick out EVERYTHING!!! The little girl in the chair right beside her couldn't..the mom would jump up and say "no, thats too wild" ...so I wonder what they thought of Ribbit picking out the craziest choice every time :).

It was very funny for me to see Ribbit with her hair perfectly parted and somewhat straight on top...HAHAHAHAHAHA
There for a while she having a hard time staying awake :)
Meanwhile, everyone else was having fun on the Astro Orbiter!
Yup, thats rainbow hair, rainbow braids, rainbow clips and cornrows....She loves being colorful!
She loved holding this shield in front of her face to keep the hairspray off...she would smush her nose and make the best faces!

She chose blue nail polish :)
Getting sprinkled with fairy dust before seeing herself for the first time.

The big reveal pictures are on Memory Maker...but she took a long time to smile ...she studied every part of herself. She always does that when she gets her face painted or hair done...its never an instant smile...always a thorough look first!
She obviously felt like a princess though :)
We ran to get to show off her new princess look and made it just in time to join the Incredibles dance party!
Mommy and princess (with sun in her eyes)
Just a day in the life of my kiddos...this is how they were chilling on the bench after the dance party!

Disney doesn't dress up kiddos under 3 but we made sure that Baby Boy got to be a pirate too!!!

Later on that night we went to a nice Mexican restaurant at our resort...one of the best meals we had all week!
Princess with an attitude!

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