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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Magic Kingdom Pt. 2

So this summer has been anything but restful :), thats okay because so far we have a lot of fun and been pretty productive. We have been consistently working on our back patio and that extra physical activity has been great for my cleanse..I am on day 13 and so far down at least 8-9 lbs..our scale is finicky. I have been running every day and digging/moving dirt/laying stones so I am getting good and sore :). Goober had part of his left big toenail cut out the other day. He did well, only cried when he got 3 shots in his toe. He has been milking the whole "i can't walk" deal but after I saw hi dive bomb for candy at VBS this past week, things got real and now he is officially my outdoor landscaping partner. I know I say this a lot but in all honesty Adam is SOOO close to being done with Ribbit's bathroom remodel. The shower can be used now, the old floors, toilet, ceiling and vanity are gone. New lights, ceilings and vanity are installed! YAY! The new retro chandelier is up in the foyer and our front door is now painted a Gray/Blue color called Smoky Pitch, no more boring brown for us!

So picking up where I left off in Day 2 of our Magic vacation to Disney....

Ribbit got to meet Anna and Elsa!!! We waited for about 8-10 minutes and then she spent at least 4-5 minutes with her. No wonder the normal line had a 150 minute wait, the princesses take their time with every child! They were making her laugh and asking her personal questions and then telling her secrets. She was sooooo in love!

Extra hugs from Elsa, then off to another room to see Aurora, a surprise visit!
Meanwhile, Baby Boy slept through a Mickey Mouse meeting (those pictures are stinkin hilarious), a parade and kept going for another hour :)
The boys were off riding rides and taking the train to get around the park.
Momma and Ribbit were off to ride the teacups...over and over again!
This was her favorite way to ride, all the while yelling "spin momma spin!"
A little cotton candy to carry him over to lunch :)
Someone woke up in time to ride the train to meet the big boys for lunch at the Crystal Palace and 100 Acre Wood!

Right before lunch we headed up to Belle's house for some storytime! Baby Boy had the best seat in the house!
Ribbit was chosen to be the forks and spoons in Belle's story!
talking with Belle afterwards..
One of our many rides on the was so important to both littles to get the right horse!!!

Another one of my favorite memories is captured...Ribbit noticed that the little girl who sat beside her on the carousel had on Anna's outfit from Frozen....Ribbit had on Elsa's dress..So Ribbit is looking at her with the most loving eyes and then she starts singing "do you want to build a snowman" to this little girl..I guess hoping she would play along (don't all people know these songs and sing all the parts like we do in our house?). The little girl just kept smiling but eventually looked forward and had the look of terror on her face. I had to tell Ribbit to stop singing and comfort her by saying that "mommy will sing it with you when we get off!".

Yup, the little girl is starting to get a little creeped out....Ribbit is still just a smiling!

The big boys had fun on the teacups too!
 Lunch finally! With all of the friends from the Hundred Acre Wood!
Eeyore first!
Poor Eeyore, Ribbit wanted to climb him...we were a little excited!

If you have spent more than 2 minutes with my youngest you know 2 things, he LOVES to "sit in your wap" and "eat your food"....he could have the same exact thing on his plate but somehow Captain's bread tasted 10x better!
Someone spotted Piglet!
Sweet boy, he wanted to know if Piglet was a boy or girl!
Little man getting some love!
Getting wrapped up in Winnie the Pooh!
Ribbit heard the music and darted off after Piglet to join in on the dancing!!! We have no sense of "stranger danger"!
We were eagerly waiting to see Tigger!!! He finally made it to our table..we almost missed him due to potty runs...I think I took both little kids to the bathroom twice while we ate lunch that day!

Proof that Adam went :), on our way up to ride the People Mover.
All the boys rode together and Baby Boy turned around and yelled "HEYDOH MAHEY"...thats HELLO MOMMY!!!
Next ride was Buzz Lightyear Ranger Something ....lots of fun!!(definitely worth a fastpass)

You can see Captain and Goober in the front car, Daddy and Baby Boy next, then Lolly and Ribbit and I rode together. I couldn't wait for Memory Maker..I had to have this picture of us on the ride, I look very determined to shoot those darn aliens!!!
Help us! We have been captured!
We were leaving for the day to head back to swim and thought this was an opportune spot to take some pictures with the castle in the background!

Watching the castle show as we left...
We had the bus to ourselves!
We left early that day to make sure the kids got to swim that night...Ribbit in front of the mayan ruins at our hotel pool.
Showing Lolly his "wimming"
Goober on the water slide for the 10th or so time.
Big man on the ruins!
Adam shot this picture of me....we snuck away while the grandparents swam with the kiddos to get GELATO!!! I had coconut, Adam had was blissful. We sat by the lake and ate and did not have elbows in our gut, and didn't have to share our gelato, and didn't have to break up a fight, or clean up sticky hands afterwards :)
Meanwhile, Ribbit was catching frogs (thus her nickname) and showing everyone just how "cute" they are...i swear the child is going to be a vet, she picks up every insect and small animal she can catch and declares its cuteness. We caught a mole earlier this year and we had to punish her for constantly petting it and trying to kiss was super ugly and she still talks about the "precious baby mole" we caught.

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