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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Disney-Day 2 Magic Kingdom

Day 2 and Day 4 were dedicated to Magic Kingdom. Really, there aren't any parks that only take 1 day to do but Magic Kingdom is the biggest and has the most "dress up" opportunities so we gave it two days.

We started off the day heading up to refill our mugs for the day and I took the opportunity to take a picture of our beautiful home for the week.
We had a late breakfast at O'Hana reserved so off to the monorail we went to get to the Polynesian Resort. The kids were stoked to ride the "train"!

I'm pretty sure we had the best the corner, overlooking the lake and beach. Goober was so excited about the food...mickey shaped waffles, bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits, fruit, Hawaiian bread and Goober's favorite-skillet potatoes!!! Plus tropical fruit juices!!! It was perfect!
And here's the whole reason we booked the Ohana meet Lilo and kids favorite Disney characters (besides Frozen of course).
Its pretty awesome to eat great food and have the characters come to you....instead of standing in line in the hot sun for a long time to get an autograph and picture! We did that too but only the very short lines!!!!
Then Mickey came by in his Poly outfit!
Baby Boy got some Mickey love too....did you see his Poly shirt? I got that at a consignment sale for $1.00!
Ribbit thought the way Pluto was signing his name was pretty funny!
Sometimes we aren't aware that mommy is taking 10 pictures to make sure she gets just 1 where all 3 of us are smiling...this was the best of that bunch.
My favorite memory from this breakfast was the parade. They started playing conga music and all the kids paraded around the characters shaking maracas. Pluto had just left our table and the minute the music started Ribbit and Baby Boy grabbed a maraca, grabbed Pluto's tail and danced around the restaurant. People were pointing and laughing the whole time at the sight of both of them laughing hysterically as they were being pulled by Pluto. Pluto never seemed to care or even turned around so I think he was okay with it :). I just remember all those curls on their heads bouncing as they ran and the sound of their maracas and laughter!!!

Baby Boy didn't even stop dancing for Stitch....THEIR VERY FAVORITE!!!!! Stitch joined him for a minute :)
I think this was probably Goober's favorite character greeting...he talked about it for a long time before and after!!!! At the end of the week each kiddo got to pick out one souvenir and Ribbit picked out a stuffed stitch doll :)
Not the clearest picture but you can see our view as we ate the most awesome meal and had a really good time!....Those mickey waffles really were pretty awesome!!!
Then off on a boat across the lake to Magic far that day the kids had ridden a greyhound bus, the monorail and a boat :)
For the first little bit that day we split into 3 groups since all the kids had different fast their were a lot of selfies taken! Here is mommy and Ribbit in front of Cinderella's castle...the kids loved this castle and now every time they watch a Disney movie they say "we have been there!" when the castle comes on in the opening credits.
Ribbit and I had a fastpass to meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen...the wait when we got there was 150 minutes!!! I knew that would be the case so the day that they began to offer Anna and Elsa as fastpasses I got up super early and booked it was gone for the whole week we were there after 1 hour. This is Ribbit inside the castle waiting to meet them...she was sooo stinking excited and wanted her picture taken every 10 seconds!
Meanwhile, the boys -Captain, Adam and Goober were riding Space Mountain and GETTING STUCK...AT THE VERY TOP!!! Just as they got to the top it stalled and they had to be let out of their seats and they walked down the staircases meant for employees and workers only....this spooked the mess out of Goober and he took some convincing to ride it again ( he ended up riding it 4 times that week and claims it as his favorite ride now :))
I'll stop here for now.......I have a ton more pictures from that day :)

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