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Monday, December 30, 2013

End of School Year 2013

I missed the last two days of the school year and my kiddos missed their last full week due to my grandfathers funeral. Obviously God's hand was all over that because we were snowed in the weekend/beginning of the week before and wouldn't have been able to make it home..I'm so thankful that we were all able to come home and say good bye. Since being at my parents house I have been going through his old photo albums and finding AWESOME pictures. I have pulled some to scan and blow up to put in our home....awesome black and whites of my dad when he was Baby Boy's age, awesome wedding pictures from my papa and nanas wedding and a really neat album from his time in the air force with what look likes lots of top secret pictures and pictures of my Papa in uniform working.
I've already mentioned before that my dad and granddad repaired their relationship before he died but in all honestly I don't have a whole lot of good memories of him, just because of some choices he made that kept us from always being able to visit him. Those pictures allowed me to see a happier time in my dad and granddad's life and gave me another way to remember him. Don't get me wrong, I loved my papa, went to visit him every time I came home since we left Alabama, made sure my kids knew who he was....but just like all family there were some memories that are hard to forget. I will treasure the pictures he took (he loved to document like me) and I'm so thankful for those memories he left behind. On a lighter note, my dad told me that before he died the only thing he would drink was Pepsi......that's definitely where I get my love for Pepsi....I would choose that as my last food too  :).

Anyways, here are some fun pictures from the end of the school year that I did get to take!

Since the kids stayed in Alabama with my parents while we went back to TX to close on our home and give exams we had 2 free nights to ourselves.....we could have stayed at home and cleaned, or worked on the remodel or quite frankly just SLEPT..but instead we went to SIX FLAGS :). Check out this awesome funnel cake we split...there is funnel cake somewhere under all that ice cream, strawberries and whip cream.

It was really hard to have any fun without our kiddos though :).....said in complete sarcasm. (we did miss them, some, I promise :)
I'm so very proud of my 8th grade girls!!! I heard about this family where the mom was struggling to make ends meet (she is putting herself through school, without any help from a dad or other family), her two youngest were both just diagnosed with one as autism, one with diabetes and she was having a hard time paying bills and providing Christmas. The thing that drew me to her though was that she had given up her 4th child to be adopted 8 years earlier and was still in contact with the adoptive mom. The adoptive mom is the one that told us about her. They have a wonderful relationship and are a big part of each others lives. I presented the idea to my 8th grade girls to help provide Christmas for them and BOY DID THEY!!! The parents (as usual) were wonderful as well and we were able to gift them with at least 20 giftcards, several toys, clothing, cookware, groceries, a massage for mom :) a TV and just love on them. Here is the picture of us after we met them, cried with them, talked and told them how much we love them. I was one proud momma teacher :)
See the young girl in the middle? the time she left she was saying " i want them all to be my sisters"
Some of my girls couldn't be there for different reasons but here is a shot right before they walked in :)
Ribbit, mommy and CC went to get our nails done :)

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