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Sunday, December 1, 2013

War Eagle

Did you see that?
That awesome 109 yard touchdown run?
That #4 team beat the #1 team?

We are all emotionally and physically spent :).... Sore throats, bad backs and still comforting our children and letting them know that we are happy, not insane :)

This thanksgiving week was even better since Uncle Chris was here...for 10 whole days! We have gone to Disney on Ice, Christmas parties, played settlers, eaten good food, and watched tons of football. We are always glad to have more family around.

The kids have had lots of play and wrestle time and have been sleeping pretty late , Unlce Chris would disagree though since Ribbit comes and wakes him up every morning at 5, steals his phone and takes several pictures of him.

We got 99.9% of Christmas shopping done, some on Thursday night and some today....even though we are adding Iron Bowl shirts to our list :).

We decorated for Christmas, set up our Jesse tree, and got things squared away to close on our home :). That's right, we will be homeowners again on Dec 20. We are already picking out paint colors and choosing which walls to knock down and just how to lay out our new master closet.

Ribbit finally got 5 stickers in a row at school last week so she and Adam went on their Daddy Daughter date... She of course chose "Old Mcdonalds"!

We have been taking bets on how many times Baby Boy will come out of his room before either a) finally crashing on the floor right inside his door or b)crying himself to sleep from spankings.
Most nights he averages 4 to 5 times, but I think be came close to 10 for today's nap.

We had a great Thanksgiving meal....we aren't big turkey fans (besides the roast from Jenny o) so we opted for steak :). Then we all had our favorites.....potato salad, deviled eggs, Watergate salad, southern baked beans, croissants, two kinds of homemade Mac and cheese, stuffing, sweet potatoes, canned cranberry sauce, blueberry fluff, peanut butter pie and then the kids made peanut butter turkey cookies. And of course, sweet tea!...I haven't cooked since :).

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