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Monday, December 23, 2013

Quick Recap

I took 2 naps today....and I'm still exhausted.

My paternal Papa died Friday, December 13th at 7 in the morning. We knew he was declining but I was holding up hope that we may see him one more time over our Christmas break. His service was very honoring....reminding us that he served 22 years in the air force, loved to travel and loved food :). The blue angels flew over during the burial and that along with the 21 gun salute, tapps and presentation of the flag made for a very sad good bye. Many good things came out of his death though, which is only possible through Christ. My dad has shared this publicly already so I feel I can to...he made amends with his dad before he dad after not having a relationship most of his adult life. He also shared the gospel with him and is very hopeful that he accepted Christ. Its so hard to share Christ with the ones closest to you but we have to remember that if we love someone enough to care about their soul then we must share.

That trip to Alabama went from Friday to Tuesday and the drive was once again miserable. We left the kids in Alabama with my parents and went back to work for 3 days :). We also closed on our house the day after we got back...huge blessing to not move but simply own the house you have lived in, remodeled, made your own and developed close relationships with the neighbors already! Adam and I also went to six flags by ourselves which was honestly weird, kinda like we didn't know what to do with ourselves...except stuff our faces with BBQ and funnel cakes...and NOT SHARE!

Then we drove back to Alabama on Friday night (miserable) and came to Huntsville for Christmas. The grandparents had exchanged the grandbabies the day before in Auburn. We have already had one Christmas since yesterday, gone to church and like I said taken several naps.

We are really contemplating Christmas at our home next year, like no joke. That or renting a limo and a nanny for the trips here and back :).

I can't upload pictures right now since I'm on the Harvells computer but will do soon.

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