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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Overload

Since the last time I posted we have been going full has been really nice since we have no schedule and the kiddos are content to play card games, color, play with my parents dog and catch up on their cartoons :).

In Huntsville we were able to have Christmas with both sides of the family. Some of the highlights were:

--Ribbit walking up to her cousin Emily (whom we had been telling her she would get to see and play with all morning) and saying " I thought Emily was brown"...ha. When we reminded her that Emily was in fact white she was ok with that too :).

--All of the stealing and oohhiinnng and aaahhiiing at Dirty Santa. I stole a super soft, really pretty throw and Ribbit immediately claimed it as her own and has slept with it every night since. The only time I have been able to use it is when she is sitting with me :).

--Watching Goober and Baby Boy play with their boy cousins.

--Watching all of my kiddos cling to their Aunt Erika and Uncle Jason as if they were gold :). Even the grandparents got by passed at some point which never happens!!

--Catching up with Adam's artsy fartsy cousin ;)...we got to talk real printmaking, none of this styrofoam plate junk :)

--Eating Nana Harvell's butternut squash soup (YUM) and Nannie Mashburn's fried apple pies.

--Watching Goober compete in the Olympic long jump while Uncle Ronnie raked the gravel every time for him to try and beat his record.

--Getting together with Adam's best friend from Huntsville, his wife and their sweet baby girl. Its always fun to hear stories about Adam before I met him, well some of them :).

--Grabbing all the chocolate in the house and hiding it before Baby Boy can find it, he has a serious problem and will eat ANYTHING much as possible!

We still have one more family Christmas with my parents side so I will sum those up later.

We left Huntsville with a VERY CROWDED van..good thing we brought the cartop kids all got big gifts this year :).

Hanging out in Uncle Jason's lap during present time...he is also sporting Aunt Erika's new elephant bag.
Helping Aunt Erika open presents
Homemade Christmas cookies with Lolly
Handing Nana Harvell her Christmas present.

More to come :).

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